Exercises for the abdomen and legs

proven fact - regular exercise combined with proper diet is the prevention of many diseases, such as obesity.Nerve overload, stress, and low mobility can lead to metabolic disorders, and, consequently, to excess weight.To avoid this, you need to regularly perform physical exercises for the abdomen, legs, buttocks.

How to train?

Before embarking on the training of certain muscles, they need to warm up.Cardio improve circulation and promote rapid weight loss.Among kardionagruzok include aerobics, running, biking, jumping rope.Even without the additional exercises for the legs and abdomen weight loss, lose weight will help regular jogging.Running should be not less than 2 times a day for 30-40 minutes.For beginners are advised to gradually increase the time jogging, and they can even start with 5 minutes.Most importantly - do not miss classes, then the results will be visible in the near future.

Jumping rope can be a great alternative run, but only if the correct choice of the length of the rope.How to c

alculate it?It is necessary to lay down the rope in half and step on her feet in the middle of the right leg, left hand to pull the rope up along the trunk.Ideal rope must reach the armpits of his right hand, no more and no less.It is also important to remember the position of the body when jumping.The body should be in the same position and are only used for twisting the wrist and forearm.You must jump through the day, or every day, for 10 minutes.

Once the body is warmed up and ready for training, it is possible to start the main part - exercises for abdominal muscles and legs.Many women make the mistake of starting to exercise without major workout.Such training will be inefficient, as excess fat begins to burn only after a heavy load on the entire body.In addition, the muscles of a cold stretch and easily damaged, so exercise is always to start with jogging, aerobics or jumping rope.

Top 5 exercises for slimming legs and abdomen

Exercises for the abdomen, legs and buttocks There are a lot of programs and exercises for the abdomen and legs.Below are examples of the most effective and simple ones that can be done at home by yourself:

  1. Planck.It is necessary to spread a mat and lie down on his stomach down.Next up on tiptoes feet and palms of hands stretched forward.The back of this should be straight with feet together and form a straight line.The head should also keep straight, then strain the muscles of the buttocks and the press for 30-40 seconds and relax.Breathing is not delayed.To enhance the effect of exercise for the abdominal muscles and legs can be added alternately pulling his knees to his chest.This should be done gradually, by 20-30 fold each leg.After exercise you can give yourself a little break and repeat it 3-4 times;
  2. Lifting legs.Starting position - lying on his back, arms extended along the body.It is necessary to firmly press your lower back to the floor and lift straight leg up to 20-25 degrees, then lower them without touching the ground once again raise, keeping your lower back on the floor and repeat this movement 20 times.If at first it will be difficult to raise the straight legs, you can try a little bend their knees.However, the more direct will be the legs, the greater will be the effectiveness of the exercise.The number of approaches - 3-4 times;
  3. Press.This is the most simple and familiar to all exercise on the abdominal muscles.He is one of the most effective to reduce waist circumference and produce the effect of a flat stomach.You must lie on your back, put your hand crosswise on the breast, or to close them in the lock on the back of the head, legs bent at the knees and put on the platform (for example, a chair or a sofa).Inhale, exhale and lift your upper body, straining the abdominal muscles.Doing exercise should be slow, not trying to completely rise.As a supplement may be exercises obliques.The essence of the exercise is the same, but one leg to put on the other, to develop knee and stretch the body to the supporting leg.The standard number of repetitions for this exercise 20-25 times for three sets.But if you want, and eventually increase the number of possible approaches to 4-5.
  4. legs apart.It is an effective exercise for the abdomen and legs, which not only helps to lose weight, but also working on the development of the flexibility of the lumbar spine.It should lie on your back, keep your legs together and hands, on the contrary, to separate the sides, palms put on the floor.Straight leg must be raised up to 45 degrees, thus, keeping the blades off the floor.Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then slowly lower the left leg brought together, put on the floor.Again back legs up, lower right.This exercise may seem complicated for beginners, but it's very useful, and the muscles get used to it quickly.For starters, you can do only 5-7 reps for 2-3 sets, but then the number of feet of the slopes in the same direction should reach 20 digits, and the number of approaches - four.
  5. slopes with and without weights.The exercise for the abdomen, legs and buttocks working on obliques, strengthens the legs and back.Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms hanging loosely at your sides, or squeeze the dumbbells.The slope is carried out on a breath, exhale the body returns to its original position.As an additional burden on the obliques one leg should be put forward by the distance of the foot and slightly to the side.The slopes in this case are not produced in the side and back and forth.There are different opinions as to whether a complication in this exercise.Some coaches argue that too heavy dumbbell weight can lead to an increase in the waist due to the growth of muscles.Therefore it is best to do the slopes with minimal or no worsening.Number of slopes should not be less than 20 in one direction, but they need to be repeated 3-4 times.