An effective cream for stretch marks on his chest

stretch marks occur for various reasons: pregnancy, rapid weight change, hormonal disruptions, genetic predisposition.The main problem areas - breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs.Vertical stretch marks appear because of weight gain, and the horizontal due to hormonal disruptions.

first stretch of red-purple hue of closely located in the connective tissue of the blood vessels.Over time zapustevayut vessels.Stretch marks are similar to scars, and a distinctive white.Because of the lack of pigment in forming stretch fabric, under the influence of sunlight, they do not sunbathe.

Unfortunately, with advanced stretch marks effectively manage only surgery.Even the best cosmetic products with the systematic use can only do less visible stretch marks.Cream against stretch marks can make a color similar to the skin, and partly to restore the density of the layers of the skin.

Preventive measures can prevent the appearance of stretch marks.Medical and cosmetic products can play a positive role.Good effect can be

achieved if immediate steps to take after the formation of stretch marks on the body first.

appeared to smooth and prevent the appearance of new stretch marks you need to use effective cream for stretch marks, home remedies and medicines.

creams for stretch marks on his chest and other parts of the body

To date range of creams against stretch marks large and diverse.You can choose a good cream for stretch marks in different price categories.This, for example: Oriflame (Sweden);Sanosan (Germany);Vichy (France);Anti-strech Mark, Guam, Inthenso, (Italy);Baby Teva Ltd, Vella mama oil, (Israel).

Review creams from extensions of the average price category

to affordable creams are:

  • Sanosan Cream of stretch marks on the breasts, thighs, buttocks.It is based on an extract from the seeds Hibiscus.It is a storehouse of vitamins, proteins and calcium.Jojoba oil, a part, improves skin tone, improves blood circulation.How to use: Apply twice a day, massaging movements.An additional effect - cellulite.
  • Cream against stretch marks Anti-strech Mark.Hydrates and nourishes, improves skin elasticity and prevents stretch marks.Contains shea butter, provitamin B5, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. The hydrolyzate of soy protein, which is part and prevents the appearance of new stretch marks.

effective cream for stretch marks from the high price category

An effective cream for stretch marks

  • against stretch marks cream Vichy.It is a cream based on thermal water.It nourishes and moisturizes the skin and gives it elasticity.The risk of stretch marks with the use of the cream is reduced significantly.Already formed purple stretch marks become less bright.Use this cream must be regularly during pregnancy.
  • Cream of stretch marks on the chest and hips Inthenso from Guam.It made it through the black currant oil, algae, shea butter.Reduces the severity of stretch marks and prevents the formation of new ones.It is often used after plastic surgery.
  • Natural oil anti stretch marks Vella mama oil.No preservatives, dyes, silicone and mineral oils.Delicate texture of oil improves the appearance of the skin and restores its elasticity.

Medicines smoothes healed stretch

If stretch marks still appear, you will be following means:

  • Gel "Mederma" is used to smooth the bands of stretching.Apply lightly massaging the skin 2 times per day.Gel restores scars, brings them closer to the natural color of the skin.
  • Contractubex - hydrogel against stretch marks.This gel can be used for application to fresh and old scars.It restores the pigment metabolism, moisturizes the skin stretch marks.Treatment is carried out on them for 3-6 months.In the gel include heparin (having a softening effect), onion extract sulfur (slows down the synthesis of connective tissue), allantoin (keeps and restores the water balance in the scar tissue).

Baby cream for stretch marks

Baby cream for stretch marks prevents the loss of moisture, perfectly moisturizes the skin.Hydrated skin is more elastic.Prevent stretch marks cream will help children and mummy.To prepare it take 1 tube baby cream, mixed with 4 grams.mummy, pre-dissolved in water.This mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.Children cream for stretch marks with mummy applied to problem areas.This tool allowed to pregnant and lactating women.

Traditional recipes cream against stretch marks

Massage the problem areas can be home stretch of scrub.To this mix one cup salt, 1 cup sugar and half a cup of vegetable oil.You'll see in a month of regular use.

Effective against stretch marks and cellulite coffee scrub.Coffee coarse should be rubbed into the skin.

There are many recipes for a good cream for stretch marks homemade based on vegetable and essential oils.Vegetable oil - the main protector of stretch marks.In combination with a variety of essential oils, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin problem areas.

Be careful, not all essential oils are allowed pregnant!

most often used for rubbing olive oil.To compile massage blends except olive oil used sesame, almond, peach and sea buckthorn.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, well absorbed, has a light texture, leaves no oily sheen.Wheat germ oil viscous, thick, very fat, has a specific smell.Long is not absorbed.

preferred for oily and normal skin apply almond oil.To make better use of the dry mixture of wheat germ oil with almond in equal proportions.

Simple Tips

Valuable advice:

  • most effective cream for stretch marks - a moisturizer.Pay attention to the cream.The good cream for stretch marks should include moisturizing the epidermis, retinol component.
  • After water procedures lubricate stretching oil solution of vitamin E. It can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • Take your vitamins A, E, C and multivitamin complexes.

Good luck to you in the struggle for beauty!