Fitness for weight loss

Nowadays more and more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, concerned about how to reduce your weight.Since poor diet and lack of exercise (decrease in motor activity) resulted in overweight for the majority of people in our country.This applies to both women and men.The most effective means for weight loss - fitness exercises.

Where to start?

to begin to engage in fitness, join a gym.Running fitness exercise to lose weight under the supervision of a coach will give the desired results because:

  • coach monitors your breathing, correct exercise and the degree of fatigue;
  • coach controls the rate of traffic and the number of repetitions of exercises, and will not allow distractions from the gym, for example, the phone rings;
  • when performing tasks under the supervision of a coach is a possibility of injury due to improperly performed exercises;
  • coach knows exactly how many times you need to perform an exercise to the body is not overtired or overtrained as the "shock" train
    ing will bring more harm, than good;
  • depending on what kind of result you want to get, only to lose weight or lose weight and pump up certain muscle groups, the coach will pick up exactly the set of exercises that will achieve the desired;
  • coach is watching how you do the job, will not give you "prosachkovat" and make exercise anyhow.

When, how and how much you need to perform a fitness exercise for weight loss?

Often women who decide to carry out exercises for weight loss, can not decide what time of day is best to do, as soon as possible to lose weight.It is believed that the "lark" (people whose activity is increased in the first half of the day) is best to exercise in the interval between breakfast and lunch, and "owls" (people whose activity is increased in the second half of the day) a better deal between lunch and dinner.

Perform any exercise should be on an empty stomach.Therefore, the last meal should be at least two hours before training, so that all the food had time to be absorbed in the digestive tract.Eat immediately after school is also not recommended, only an hour and a half.If you regularly go to the gym you can only in the evening after work, you should not go hungry all afternoon, and at night after training load, as it is harmful to the body.Better one hour before the workout a little snack food fast utilizable (vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, fruit, dry biscuits with yogurt).Check out the evening exercise is recommended for 2 - 3 hours before bedtime.

To fitness exercise for weight loss led to tangible results, it is necessary to deal with on a regular basis.The word is meant not regularly once a week for 2 - 3 hours and 2 - 4 times a week for 30 - 60 minutes.The more training will be carried out, the sooner people will lose weight, but under the skin instead of the layer of fat will manifest inflated muscles.

begin training for weight loss should be from two classes per week, duration of employment of at least 30 minutes.Over time, as the body gets used to load, you can add a third workout a week and gradually increase the time to 60 minutes sessions.Try to between workouts were regular intervals, for example, two lessons per week can be carried out on Tuesdays and Fridays, and three sessions a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.If you deal with two or three consecutive days, and other days to rest, something good for the body is not enough.

Before performing complex fitness exercise for weight loss is necessary to warm up.Usually workout lasts 10 minutes, during which time the body is "prepared" for the upcoming stress.After the workout has to do exercises that help burn fat and muscle development.At the end of each workout is recommended to perform stretching exercises, it contributes to the elasticity of the muscles.Stretch those necessary muscle groups, which accounted for the load during training.To perform stretching sufficient 5 minutes.

Fitness slimming home

Fitness for weight loss home If you can not regularly go to the gym, then you can do fitness exercises to lose weight at home.Fortunately nowadays almost every house has Internet, and the Internet there are many sites devoted to how to lose weight.These online resources describes how to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise.Also in the internet you can find video tutorials on the implementation of a fitness exercise for weight loss at home.For such studies is sufficient to run a video on your computer and repeat all of the coach.Of course, such training less effective than training in the gym, as the house where no one sees you, you can some complicated exercise for you to skip or make less suitable, but still even this exercise is better than none.

to home exercises were more effective, it is recommended to perform fitness exercises for weight loss with the ball (fitball).Fitball - a ball with a diameter of 55 - 75 cm., Made of durable rubber.When buying feetball importantly select the diameter of the ball, it is enough to just sit on it.When you sit on the ball, your hips should be positioned parallel to the floor or slightly below this level.For beginners athletes in the sale have balls with handles, and for those who want to lose weight - balls with a relief surface.

performing regularly at home fitness exercise to lose weight with the ball can achieve good results.The Internet created a lot of photos and video training lessons with fitball aimed at weight reduction.Systematic training with fitball help not only lose weight but also help to strengthen the muscles, joints and enhance the development of the tone of the whole organism.