Cream for stretch marks

Most often stretch marks (striae) appear in women during pregnancy.Typically, stretch marks "suffer" from the abdomen, thighs, breasts.This is due to rapid weight gain and a sharp increase in body size woman to bear a child.The most popular remedy for stretch marks - cream.In this article we will look at when to start using the cream for stretch marks, where it is better to buy, a preferred composition and how to apply the product to the body.

How to start preventing the appearance of stretch marks and how long it continue?

To prevent stretch marks cream stretch marks is necessary to begin to put on the body as soon as she learned of the pregnancy.Already on the second - third month of pregnancy need daily moisturize and nourish the skin of the body, so it does not lose elasticity and firmness.It should be noted that to be effective cream for stretch marks on the body to feed the skin must not only outside but inside.Most of all, promote the regeneration of skin vitamins A, E and C. Therefore, pregnant

women are advised to regularly eat fish protein products, liver, seaweed, nuts, broccoli, blackberries, as these foods are rich in vitamins necessary to maintain skin tone.

All 9 months cream for stretch marks is necessary several times a day, rub into the skin of the body, focusing on the problem areas: abdomen, thighs, breasts.All the skin was hydrated and softened, then under vigorous "growth" of the body will not appear striae.

Where to buy cream for stretch marks?

To buy a cream which eliminates stretch marks, you must understand that it can not be cheap and sold at the local supermarket.Buying cream of dubious quality from a little-known firm in any kiosk, a pregnant woman, at best, may be left with stretch marks on the skin, and at worst it threatens an allergic reaction and dermatitis, which may adversely affect her health and that of her child.So do not skimp on the body cream for stretch marks, it is better to buy it at a higher price, but in a specialty store for pregnant women and newborn children (they always have a department with products for moms), or at the pharmacy.In these outlets are the best cream for stretch marks known brands that contain natural ingredients are hypoallergenic and have a certificate of quality, which is very important if a woman is worried about his health and did not want to endanger the health of their unborn baby.

What should be included in the cream, retractable banners?

What is different from the cream of dubious production of cream-known brand - is its composition.The structure of quality for the prevention of stretch marks creams contain only natural ingredients.Here are the ingredients in most of the known means of stretch marks.Virtually all creams contain retinol.Retinol - vitamin A, it is an antioxidant, improves the regeneration processes, stimulates the synthesis of collagen.Another component of each cream for stretch marks is a natural oil or extract of medicinal plants and herbs.The most commonly used oils and extracts of jojoba, shea butter, tea tree extract, horse chestnut, chamomile, algae, aloe, olive oil.Most lotions contain in its composition vitamin, usually a vitamin E, C, PP, amino, elastin, collagen.

also important to remember that a quality cream for stretch marks should not contain flavors and fragrances.That is the smell of the cream must be faint or absent.If you bought the cream of stretch marks, but he has a sharp smell, then it is better not to use, because it is a product of poor quality and it can provoke an allergic reaction.

Do not forget to pay attention to the presence of the cream on stretch marks mark the manufacturer that the product is hypoallergenic.Since 9 months cream for stretch marks is applied daily to the skin and it is important that it provoked an allergy or dermatitis.

How to apply body cream on stretch marks?

Body cream stretch marks cream for stretch marks will be effective if they use regularly.All manufacturers are united in this opinion and recommended to apply the cream on a clean, pre-dried skin (the best option - immediately after the shower) twice a day, morning and evening.The cream should be applied to the "problem" areas of the body until it is completely absorbed.Of course before using the cream, retractable banners, you must be sure to read the instructions to him.

best cream for stretch marks

best cream for stretch marks the one that suits the specific pregnant woman.Since every woman's individual characteristics on the skin, the cream that helped a pregnant woman, the other may not be appropriate.Therefore, choosing the cream in the store, you should ask the seller if they have a "probe" the cream of the brand, which is interested.If there is, it is better to acquire it, and for several days in a row applied to the skin.This test helps find out whether there is an allergic reaction to this cream.Even in the most expensive cream can be a negative reaction, for example, because you are hypersensitive to one of the components of the cream.It would be very disappointing to buy doroguschy cream, and then it turns out that he is not fit.Just after using the "probe" can be identified, it is sufficient if this body cream for stretch marks moisturizes and nourishes the skin.If, after using the cream on trial it has no adverse reactions, and like the result, you can safely buy a large tube of cream.Most likely, this cream pregnant suit and help prevent new stretch marks on the skin and get rid of stretch marks already formed.