What is the best cream for stretch marks during pregnancy?

In the early months of pregnancy, the appearance of women is almost unchanged.Mom-waiting when he finally starts to grow tummy, but the external signs of growth in the stomach begin to appear in 3-4 months pregnant.Breast cancer in women during pregnancy begin to increase in volume from the first month.Here then, from the first days of pregnancy, a woman, in order to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, should learn a few rules of care for your skin:

  • balanced and rational nutrition.
  • Supportive linen (bandage bra)
  • Massage
  • Douches
  • Special cosmetics (creams, scrubs, oils)

Choose a cream for stretch marks, which is better?

market cosmetology and pharmacology is very extensive and the choice of the cream for stretch marks is large enough.Modern cosmetics are very diverse in composition, and price range.What cream for stretch marks better, more efficiently, not only to choose.Do not hurry with the choice!To get started, read and check the information on your vehicle: composition, manufacturer,

contraindications, expiry date, storage conditions.Branded and promoted in commercials cream does not mean good.Often, the money that should go to improving the quality of the product is spent on advertising, with the result that the consumer suffers.Expectant mothers should pay particular attention to the qualitative composition.Do not be lazy, ask at the forum: "What is best cream for stretch marks during pregnancy?" And read reviews on it, you will find a lot of useful information.

Pay attention that it is composed exclusively of natural ingredients such as: different vegetable oils and essential oils, extracts of herbs, minerals, based on algae.The meaning of all creams is nutrition, improving elasticity and hydration of the skin.Therefore, it should include retinol (to moisturize the epidermis), elastin (for skin elasticity) and collagen (improves skin density).Modern pharmaceuticals and medicine aims to develop a completely new, safe for the period of pregnancy means to enable women to maintain their appeal and after childbirth.

What is the best cream for stretch marks during pregnancy?

What are the cream of stretch marks during pregnancy pregnant woman undergoing significant hormonal changes, and therefore, the response to any cream can be different.Asked what creams for stretch marks during pregnancy is better, the answer is clear - safe and natural!After all, you and your future baby is now one.To reduce the risk to get a fake purchase creams in specialized stores or pharmacies.Choose a cream not only from the stretch, and with an indication that it may be used during pregnancy.The cream should contain ingredients not only nourishes and moisturizes the skin but also improves blood circulation.Such creams with regular use them not just benefit from erasing, but also prevent the appearance of new stretch marks.Another important detail - this fragrance.Do not buy a cream with chemical fragrances, firstly, it is harmful to health, and secondly, the sharp scent of haunting fun you do not deliver.Before use it fully (to put on the abdomen, thighs or breasts), try to test it.Apply the cream on the wrist and a few minutes see the result.If there is no itching and redness on the skin, the allergy to the cream you do not.It is very important for pregnant women to use hypoallergenic cosmetics, because it will affect the health of your baby.The rule "is expensive does not mean quality" on cosmetic work in almost all cases.When choosing a cream composition refer to the description in the manual and not-promoted brand.Remember that the result of the use of the cream will be if you will apply it regularly.

use cream for stretch marks

For best results, observe the following recommendations:

  • Once you finally decided on the choice of cream, set yourself a certain time, with the same interval.The fact that any active substance are for a limited time, and for the most effective action needs constant nourishing and moisturizing agents to the skin.
  • For additional moisturizing skin and for hygienic purposes, before applying cream for stretch marks you need to take a shower.
  • cream is applied in small portions and light circular movements.
  • After applying the cream a few minutes, do not wear clothing, let soak cream.

What means of stretch marks can be made at home?

If your not afford to buy a special makeup of stretch marks in the store, or you're a supporter of exclusively natural and natural ingredients, there are several recipes for special means of stretch marks:

  • In the absence of allergies to essential oils can be prepared in a mixture of massage: 30-40 grams of olive oil mixed with 5 drops of essential oil of lime or tangerine, add 5 drops of lavender oil and jojoba.Soft, gentle strokes, apply to problem areas.
  • Body Scrub is also very good effect on the prevention of the appearance of stretch marks.Finely ground oatmeal (100 g.), Mix with a glass of cream and massage movements put on the abdomen, breasts and thighs.After half an hour rinse with warm water and apply the mixture of oils.
  • increase the elasticity of the skin can be due to the addition to the regular nourishing cream a few drops of vitamin E. It is sold in drugstores in capsules.

Whatever creams for stretch marks during pregnancy you use, remember the effect of regularity.Do not be lazy and do not forget to use that means 2 times a day.Take a contrast shower, move more, eat properly and moderately.When applying special means, massage the skin.Be aware - is easier to prevent than to fix the problem.The sooner you start to use it, the less the likelihood of erasing.If you already find yourself in this mess, do not worry, modern medicine is able to cope with it, but do not delay the appeal to professionals in the closet.Be happy and beautiful.