Cream of stretch marks after giving birth

After the birth of your baby's long-awaited women tend to devote time to himself once, but often do not have time in the mirror to see, especially in the first months.This, of course, is not correct, because the appearance of the young moms affects family relationships, and just very probably nice to look good.Overriding aspect of the appearance of the woman is beautiful elastic skin.Unfortunately, during pregnancy and childbirth impose his stamp, including and the appearance of the skin.Therefore, the sooner a woman learns to monitor the condition of their skin, to learn the basic rules of care for her, to be used before and after childbirth cream to enhance skin elasticity, the less the risk of adverse events on the body after birth.Manifestations of these are in the form of stretch marks, redness, varicose veins.These manifestations are undesirable not only from the aesthetic side, but they are detrimental to health.Today, the conversation will go on stretching.

cause of stretch marks

Contrary to the impression of extensions (for scientific Styria), is not just stretching the skin, it is the inner layer of the epidermis microfractures.Stretch marks are the result of loss of elasticity and sudden weight gain.The most common cause of stretch marks is pregnancy.However, this phenomenon may occur at a much younger age due to a sharp growth or weight gain.During pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen, buttocks and breasts due to increased volumes of thinner, elasticity is reduced and the skin lacks moisture and nutrients.During pregnancy, the hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone slows down the production of elastin (to stretching of the skin) and collagen (improves skin density).

main reason for appearance of stretch marks is considered a genetic predisposition.If your line of women have stretch marks on the body, then in 70% of you have the propensity for their appearance on your body.The size of the stomach does not matter, all the more so Styria occur in different parts of the body.In their appearance and effect as incorrect (excessive) food restriction in movement, lack of vitamins, smoking, rapid weight gain, poor, not the development of the abdominal muscles.One can cite many examples when the woman, nurturing a large child, ignoring postpartum cream for stretch marks and restores the old form, without having a single scar from the stretch.But unfortunately, not all women can boast of such properties of the skin, probably even hereditary factors.Therefore, dear women, pay attention to his beloved, do not spare the time to care for their skin.Even before pregnancy do special exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, massage the problem areas, take douche, use special cosmetics, which moisturizes and nourishes your skin.After birth, it is imperative to wear postpartum bandage and a special bra to support the breast.Even if you have not done before pregnancy special procedures, to reduce the spread of scars from the stretch you must use a special cream after birth.

Cream of stretch marks after giving birth

Cream after childbirth If a woman wants to keep their skin supple and elastic, up to and after pregnancy need to regularly use special cosmetics.With the cream of stretch marks after giving birth, using special massage exercises can slow the occurrence of scarring.Development of special cosmetics against stretch marks effectively makes stimulate the cells to produce collagen and elastin, responsible for firmness and elasticity.The composition of such creams to combat stretch marks on the skin include herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins A, E, panthenol, algae and sea microorganisms.The sooner you start to use this makeup, the less the risk of stretch marks.Even if you do not use make-up to delivery, the postpartum stretch marks cream to use a must.Nutrients in a period of life in the body at the end, while suffering skin, hair and nails.Admission vitamins in accordance with the specifics of your body make up for their loss during the period of pregnancy and have a beneficial effect on you.To achieve the best results for improving the condition of your skin, especially after childbirth, cream chest and abdomen should be used regularly, rubbing it massaged.The price range of these creams is very wide - it all depends on the manufacturer and the advertised brand.Sometimes the manufacturer for additional revenue contrive to sell cosmetics with the same structure under different names, such as "Cream postpartum abdomen" and "cream for the breast after birth", and at different prices.So look carefully at the cream, its shelf life, and do not buy into a prestigious brand.The more the cream for stretch marks include natural ingredients, so it is safer.

If you are confused by the price or you are a supporter of natural ingredients, it is possible to prepare a cream for stretch marks in the home:

  • cream based on aloe vera and dandelion.60 grams of olive oil, 100 grammm dandelion leaves and 3-4 leaf Aloe grind in a blender and add 2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal.The mixture is applied to the abdomen, chest, buttocks and massaged rubbed into the skin.
  • use wheat germ oil after birth does have arisen stretching less noticeable due to vitamin E. Even after three weeks of using oil result is obvious.
  • sour cream and coffee cream scrub.Coffee grounds are mixed with sour cream in equal amounts.Twice a day, massage movements rub the resulting mass.

scrub cream based on cream and oatmeal.Crushed oatmeal (200 g.) Mixed with a glass of sour cream.This cream after childbirth and stomach, and the breast is equally useful.Apply it on the problem areas for 20-30 minutes, then wash off with warm water.