How to overcome fears of preschool children?

Many parents are faced with such a problem as the fears of preschool children.Research conducted by psychologists have shown that there are about 30 species of fear.Some of them are harmless or funny from the perspective of adults, but there are serious, those that may have an impact on the entire life of the child.It has long been proven that most adults fear formed in childhood.

What is fear?

fear - a natural response to danger, whether it is real or fictional.Parents should not forget that the child lives in his own world where inanimate objects can talk and move, and fairy-tale characters are real.So the kid can see the threat, where in fact it is not.Whatever was called Children's fear, as if he did not show himself, parents should take seriously to him and to his correction.

Psychologists distinguish the following kinds of childhood fears:

  • Free characterized by fear fearful expectation, not related to a specific object or situation that can manifest itself at any moment.
  • neurotic fear appears due to impaired mental functions, for example, because of a neurosis.
  • real fear is a normal reaction of the innate instinct of self-preservation to the external danger.


Psychologists have divided the causes of fear in preschool children into several groups.

specific case .The specific situation that occurred with the child, for example, his bitten by a dog, and he lost in the store, it can cause further fear of a repetition of the incident.Most of these fears appear in children insecure, hypochondriac, with increased anxiety.

Outside .Regular family conflicts can lead to the child fears, as children often feel guilty of quarreling parents.Difficulties in communication are also a cause of fear.If a child is being bullied in the team, it is difficult to make contact with their peers, older children bullied him, he may begin to dread visits to the garden or school.

suggestion from .Sometimes the appearance of fears in children can be triggered by excessive emotionality hazard warnings from parents, grandmothers / grandfathers caregivers.Adults worry about the children, so they often warn about the dangerous consequences of a situation or action, such as "Do not go - you fall!", "Do not hurt - hurt yourself."The child usually learns the second part of the warnings and still feels anxious.In the future, a sense of fear and anxiety to fix in his mind and will apply to similar situations.Inspired in childhood fear can stay with a person for life, so you need to adjust such a phobia.

own imagination .At preschool age children often do invent fears.For example, the child afraid of the dark, because it can hide the terrible monsters.As they grow older, some children forget about such fears, and some may cause neurodevelopmental disorders.

Mental Disorders .Fears of children are also a symptom of neurosis - mental illness to be treated.In neurosis there are strong attacks of fear for any reason, not typical for the child's age norm.

correction fears with the help of drawing

Correction fears with the help of drawing When drawing the child to express their emotions.Figure is a kind of mirror reflecting the character traits, interests, hobbies preschooler.Therefore, psychologists believe fears of a correction in preschool children using an effective method of drawing.When a child draws an object, causing him fear, it decreases the anxiety provoked by the expectation of terrible.A preschooler will not be afraid of drawing, as drawn by the fear not to be dreaded, because it is something has already happened.

drawing duration should not exceed 20-30 minutes.The child himself must choose: to draw him one of his biggest fear or more causes less fear.

Set preschooler drawing on .Before the child begins to draw their fears, ask them to draw something on a neutral topic, such as your favorite animal or my family.According to latest figures psychologist can determine what kind of relationship the kid with parents and friends.

Go to the topic of fears .Encourage your child to draw a picture on the theme of "nightmare" or "What I'm afraid."When a preschooler knows how to portray the fear, the adult can tell him.If your baby refuses to draw their fears, it means that he denies them, in such situations, adjust the phobia will not be easy.

Analyze drawings .Notice what colors predominate in the figure.If the mostly black and gray tones, it is an indication that a preschooler is in a depressed state.When the psyche of the child is unable to cope with a lot of fears, she takes it depressed mood.If a kid draws specific objects or events, frightening it, it is an indication that it is ready to overcome your fear.

Discuss drawings .Talk to your child about what he painted, to express their approval of what he was able to overcome his fear, and to portray it.

Make fear funny .Discussing it with a preschooler drawing, try to describe the picture with humor.Then ask the kid if he is terrible.If the child is no longer afraid that the painted, be sure to praise him.If the phobia is still left, it has become much weaker, more importantly, that the child feels the support of adults.Regardless of the outcome of correction tell your child that he coped well with the task.

consolidate the results .At the completion of the correction Encourage your child to draw a picture on the theme "What I want to be."He depicted their future without fear.This will help your child feel confident and independent.

fears correction should take place in the presence of mom or dad, the child felt the support of loved ones in such an atmosphere it is easier to deal with phobias.Fears overcome as a child will not have a negative impact on human life in the future.