What medications are safe during pregnancy?

We all used to when the first symptoms of the disease on their own to take medications before you visit the doctor.Many women continue to do so even when nurturing your baby.However, they do not think about the fact that not all drugs are safe during pregnancy.And many well-known and seemingly harmless drugs are contra expectant mothers.

Why many drugs can not be taken during pregnancy?

Before we look at what drugs can be administered to pregnant women, let's find out why the majority of drugs is forbidden to accept women in the state.The fact that drugs over time after administration to reach the systemic circulation and thereon through the placenta to the baby.Because the placenta is a barrier, not giving fruit to get to the various chemicals, it is largely the impact of medication on the baby depends on its condition.It is worth noting that the permeability of the placenta influences pregnancy term (over time it becomes thinner), and the intensity of the blood flow.The extent of the negative impact

on the fetus received medication during pregnancy depends on the term of interest provisions, individual sensitivity to the active substance, the dose of drugs and duration of its use.

You should also remember that some medications during pregnancy adversely affects not only the child but also on the development of an interesting situation.Therefore, if a woman needs prolonged or constant reception of drugs while carrying the baby, such as diabetes or hypertension, then it should definitely discuss with your doctor.

Permitted medications during pregnancy

Medicines authorized in pregnancy Since quite rare that a woman for all 9 months of carrying a baby never gets sick, it is without any admission of drugs can not do.Some of the symptoms of diseases absolutely necessary to stop, because they can do more harm to the child than the medication that will take the expectant mother.So let's find out which drugs are allowed during pregnancy.

Since during an interesting situation immunity women decreases, and in the autumn-winter period it is often sick colds or acute viral infections, the further we present the list of drugs for pregnant women, which will ease the symptoms of these ailments:

  • From a cold .Not what a cold is not accompanied by copious mucus from the nose and difficulty in breathing.This most welcome vasoconstrictor to help deal with these symptoms, is prohibited.To facilitate his fortune expectant mother can safely use nasal saline solutions, for example, or Marimer akvamaris.They cleanse the nasal mucosa from viruses and bacteria, as well as stepping up its protective function.Permitted medications during pregnancy are solutions based on essential oils, such as Pinosol.But they should be used with caution, as they can cause an allergic reaction.Moms can use Euphorbium kompozitum, homeopathic medicine as a spray, it moisturizes nasal mucosa and facilitates breathing.
  • Cough .Prolonged coughing dangerous when gestation baby, as it can trigger uterine tone.So let's look at what drugs could be pregnant cough.Facilitates the removal of phlegm from the respiratory tract and have anti-inflammatory action of homeopathic medicines such as Bronhikum, Dr. Mom, Gedeliks.If laryngitis, trachea and bronchi prescribe antibacterial spray Bioparox.
  • Analgesics and antipyretics .If the expectant mother stuffy nose and can still endure, such symptom of a cold or flu like fever, is dangerous for the safe carrying of the baby and requires quick relief.You also can not tolerate the situation of women in pain, regardless of their location and intensity (headache, toothache, myalgia, injury), since it adversely affects the nervous system, both mother and child.What medicines can be administered to pregnant women to reduce the body temperature and pain relief?Any in which the active substance is paracetamol.The most popular brands are Panadol and Tylenol.
  • Antivirals .To activate the immune system's defenses in the position of a woman can safely take these antivirals: Viferon, Grippferon, Aflubin, Oscillococcinum.

Here, perhaps, and the entire list of permitted medications for pregnant women, sick colds, flu or other acute viral infection.Unfortunately, during the childbearing expectant mother faces other ailments.So let's list what other medications allowed during pregnancy.

When abdominal pain, no matter how strong it is, a woman in the position of an urgent need to seek medical help as this could be a symptom of conditions such as premature detachment of the placenta, the threat of termination of pregnancy, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, acute appendicitis.While medical care not arrive in time for the relief of pain can take antispasmodics such as papaverine or No-spa.

Rarely what pregnancy is not accompanied by such an unpleasant phenomenon as heartburn.This is due to physiological characteristics of an interesting situation.Since doctors do not recommend to suffer heartburn, no matter what causes it is called, now we will list what medicines pregnant women can take from this disease: Maalox, Gelusil Lac, Rennie, Gaviscon.

to treat constipation, frequent companions of pregnancy can safely take Duphalac or Normolakt.Other laxatives are prohibited, as increases peristalsis and can cause uterine tone.