Man and pregnant: compatibility test are not all

partner told you about the pregnancy, but instead of joy to see the reaction of suspicion or even fear?How not to get lost itself and "come to a common denominator" with the beloved?Let's talk about this and about the features of psychology and physiology of men in this crucial period as a whole.

joy and anxiety: especially the psychological reactions of men

«How is it possible?" - Women often complain girlfriends relatives at the "inadequate" response when the future father of the good news.Not realizing that we just arranged differently, and men's view of the situation is really different.The woman often falls into exaltation, is dreamy, as will bathe crumbs and roll on a beautiful perambulator, dress up in bright and raspashonochki polzunochki.

Man and beremennostkorreliruyutsya more touchdowns, the first question that arises from him, "And we'll buy all this beauty?" Yes, is not romantic, but agree that a solid dose of pragmatism in this situation will not hurt.And then, for the head of a growing

family is considerable stress.For women, motherhood - a natural instinct, and his father, as a rule, "matures" over time.

atypical behavior of men is also quite positive.That is your betrothed pales happiness surrounds mom maximum care, shows miracles of patience in response to her mood swings.Some men during pregnancy and back hurts, like mummies, and partial phenomena of toxicity appear.Other perebaryvat natural fears and heroically expressed willingness to be present at birth.

But even if your other half is not one of these "supermen", do not rush to condemn.It simply recognizes the growing burden of responsibility, and it is worthy of respect.In addition, planning to become pregnant for men is no less important than for women.Perhaps at this moment he is calculating the possibility of buying a new car, or would like to make you a surprise, I booked a tour of some exotic route.Or his ambitious career plans and how they will fit the baby, it is poorly represented.

When pregnancy is desired, preparing it together, used vitamins for men when planning beremennosti- then not be any surprises.

another sensitive issue: the sexual relationship during pregnancy.In future mother attraction is reduced, it is a defensive reaction with impeccable fruit.But the partner is not always willing to accept changes in the intimate sphere.What to do?Search for "middle ground"!

Planning Pregnancy for Men: IMPERATIVE

Be ready for a baby must not only psychologically, morally, financially.To start a purely physiological need the ability to conceive, that is, the lack of sterility.Opening will help to avoid unpleasant regular visits to the urologist and timely treatment when initial symptoms of abnormalities.To complete the picture, it will be required and cytological studies.There is a minimum list of tests and advanced, and that prefer to decide the very future of his father.

When planning pregnancy tests for men include the study of genital infections.Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases are a real threat to both partners, and most importantly, they are dangerous for nascent life.Ignoring these diseases can lead to infertility of the spouses, miscarriages, serious internal diseases kid.

Methods PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is considered the most accurate for the detection of a list of diagnoses based on the defeat of bacteria (chlamydia, trichomonas, gonococci, etc..) And viruses (cytomegalovirus, herpes and papilloma virus, Epstein-Barr virus, etc.).

with absolute precision to establish the presence or absence of a sexual infection in men during pregnancy partner, first perform the procedure provocation - exacerbation.It can be a drug or alimentary (food).In the second case, a man on the eve of the diagnosis takes a little spicy and salty foods and alcohol.If the originator of one of the infections detected, most women surveyed offer and that is logical.

expanded list of analyzes for men during pregnancy

Assays for men during pregnancy course, not only the above-mentioned threats can complicate conception or affect fetal development.Therefore often spouse deliberately goes on an extended examination.Especially when the desired conception does not occur for a year or more.

Spread analysis for men when planning pregnancy - semen: Analyst structure, amount, concentration and the mobility of sperm.If abnormalities are found, it will prompt causes semen abnormalities, and prescribe a specific method of overcoming the disease will be much easier, and the treatment will become more productive.

Perhaps no pathology and dysfunction caused by psychological or other reasons.Sometimes it is enough to consult a psychologist, sexologist, and vitamins for men when planning pregnancy play an important role.

Another type of research: the study of the properties of prostatic secretions to exclude prostate organ.Even if, fortunately, fears were not confirmed, analysis can reveal the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the gland.This "embryo" of future disease, and it's great that the focus will be detected and suppressed in advance.

visit to the therapist adds to the list of tests for men during pregnancy and biochemical analysis of blood, urine, for all their simplicity, these studies give an idea about the possible diseases of internal organs.

Determination of blood group and Rh factor - insurance against the probability of conflict, and Rh incompatibility group embryo and mother.How to dispose of this information - is another question, but the knowledge of the risk is always helpful.There are studies on hepatitis B and C, on hormones, HIV, Wasserman, ultrasound of internal organs.This maximum program, although it is not superfluous and, as they say, for ourselves, and the more pertinent when it comes to the health of the unborn child.