How to treat dry cough in children?

dry cough in a child can accompany many diseases.Therefore, it is important to determine its cause, to choose adequate treatment.This can only be done by the doctor.Sometimes a dry cough tormented kid for quite some time.In this case, to treat dry cough in a child should be integrated using various medications and treatments.Of course, in each case, the doctor picks up coughing treatment.Here are the most common ways to treat the condition.

Preparations of dry cough in a child

dry cough causes irritation of cough receptors in the development of inflammation in the airways, or under the influence of thermal, physical and chemical factors.In contrast to wet cough, cough does not bear good body, but on the contrary, is a fairly serious threat, causing shortness of breath, pneumothorax and other serious conditions.Therefore, the action of drugs on the dry cough in a child is aimed at reducing the cough reflex, that is, to suppress cough.Preparations of dry cough in a child are of two types - the central a

nd peripheral actions.

Medicines central action capable of suppressing a cough at the level of the medulla oblongata.This group of drugs is not administered to children under two years old, for older children used only under medical supervision.These drugs include codeine, glaucine, Dekstrometrofan, Ethylmorphine, oxeladin, prenoxdiazine and tools based on them.

Medicines dry cough in a child peripheral actions reduce cough, cough by acting on receptors in the mucous tissue of the respiratory tract.These include a large group of drugs, in particular, Bronholitin, Bronhikum Alex plus Falimint, Bronhotsin, butamirata, Glikodin, Insty, Kodilak phyto, Kofanol, Levofront, Neo-kodion, Stoptussin, Tussin plus Terpinkod.

treat dry cough in young age of the child is comfortable with the help of drugs in the form of sugary syrups or drops that are diluted in water, juice or compote.

Treatment of dry cough in children using inhaled

effective treatment for dry cough - via inhalation.However, this method can be applied to children after three or four years.During inhalation drugs act on the mucosa of the airways and the muscles, causing liquefaction of sputum and reducing spasms.

can identify the main types of inhaled dry cough in a child, depending on the water temperature:

  • less than 30 ° C - moist;
  • less than 40 ° C - moist heat;
  • to 45 ° C - steam.

Depending on the type of drug used distinguish oil, herbal, alkaline inhalation.

Oil inhalation soften the mucous membrane irritation, reduce swelling, have expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.For their preparation per 500 ml of hot water dripping 1-3 drops of an essential oil.The timing of such an inhalation is 3-5 minutes.As oil for the procedure using menthol, fir, eucalyptus, sea buckthorn oil, tea tree oil.

Herbal inhalation of dry cough in a child include the use of herbs.It is recommended to use such herbs as a mother and stepmother, marshmallow root, sage, chamomile, calendula, linden flowers, elderberry color.These inhalation is carried out for 8-10 minutes.

For the alkaline inhalation in a glass of hot water diluted half teaspoon soda.The time of its implementation - 5-10 minutes.

There are rules of inhalation:

  • last meal before the procedure should not be later than 40-60 minutes.After graduation, eat not earlier than one hour.
  • treatment solution is prepared immediately before the procedure.
  • Inhalation can be done in two ways.The first method - pour a medical solution into a wide bowl or a small pelvis, a head cover with a towel and breathe steam over the crockery.The second way - to spout hot curative solution to put a funnel made of paper and mouth to breathe steam.
  • Steam inhale slowly through your mouth and exhale through the nose.
  • course of inhalation therapy is 10-12 procedures, they can be repeated in 2-4 hours.

Inhalation of dry cough in a child very effectively carried out using a special inhaler nebulizer.The nebulizer drug solutions are converted into tiny particles that can easily penetrate even in the lower respiratory tract.With the aid of an inhaler to the respiratory tract are administered such drugs:

  • bronchodilators - Berotek, Flomax, Atroven;
  • mucolytics - Mucosolvan, Pulmozyme;
  • antibiotics and antiseptics - Fluimucil, Furatsilin;
  • herbal medicines such as Rotokan;
  • saline and mineral water to moisten the mucous.

most commonly used in the treatment of children compression and ultrasonic nebulizers.View nebulizer and what exactly to treat cough in a child should recommend a doctor.

How to treat a cough in a child with the help of traditional methods?

How to treat a cough in a child with the help of traditional methods Traditional medicine has a lot of recipes for the treatment of dry cough in children.Here are the most popular ones:

  • Sugar bananas.Two banana carefully mash to a state slurry poured sweet and hot water (a glass of water a tablespoon spoonful of sugar).Take in the form of heat 2-3 tablespoons tablespoons 3-4 times a day.
  • caramel candies with milk.Sugar (Big spoon) keep on heat until dark brown.Then it is poured into a cup of milk to obtain "candy".This gives the child a piece of candy in his mouth to keep its complete resorption.
  • Viburnum with honey.100 g viburnum berries mixed with 200 ml honey, warmed in a water bath to 50-60ºS, tantalized 2-3 hours.It is important to control the temperature of the mixture, since at higher temperature the useful properties of honey lost.The resulting syrup ostuzhennoy after taking a spoonful of dining, drinking warm water.You can add this syrup in warm tea.

Before using any prescription of traditional medicine is necessary to consult with your doctor.Some components of the recipes may cause the child allergic reaction or other undesirable side effects.