Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Adenoma of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) - this is the most well-known disease among the male half of the population.Translated from the Greek adenoma means "iron."

To date, the cause of such urological diseases is not fully understood.But medical experts are of the opinion that it is hormonal changes lead to the appearance of prostate adenoma in men.Hormonal changes occur in men with age.And most of their peak accounted for fifty-year age limit.

During this period violated proper metabolism, there comes a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle appears overweight, which leads to the appearance of the disease and enlarged prostate operations.

Removal of benign prostatic hyperplasia

BPH is quite difficult to diagnose because the disease itself often takes place in a latent form and slowly.Although the size of the prostate while growing up.And the initial signs of the disease can occur only when the tumor prevents proper urine output.

Removal of benign prostatic hyperplasia is performed sever

al kinds of operations.These include focused ultrasound intensity, cryotherapy, balloon dilatation, urethral stents, microwave therapy transrectal and transurethral vaporization of the prostate.These types of treatment for the disease made using endoscopy.

high-intensity Focused Ultrasound (abbreviated FUVI) is based on high-power ultrasound.Thus the prostate tissue is heated and destroyed.The procedure itself is performed endoscopic technique.

essence remove enlarged prostate cryoablation using the method consists in freezing the prostate tissue.This applies liquid nitrogen and endoscopic technique.This method is conducted medical therapy for prostate cancer.

principle balloon dilation procedure is input (at the end of a swelling balloon) into the urethra of endoscopic techniques.Thus he moves the catheter to the narrowed portion of the prostate, and the balloon is inflated.And thus expanding the lumen of the urinary passage.This method is little used in practice.

also held with prostate cancer surgery urethral stenting.The cylindrical frame (stent itself) is set cystourethroscopy.This method allows you to expand the lumen of the urethra.

main indications for balloon dilatation and stenting urethral favor comorbidities.These include severe forms of cardiovascular disease.

destruction of benign prostatic hyperplasia in step evaporation (or vaporizing) is performed by laser radiation.When this water is heated in the prostate and its evaporation.And she prostate tissue is minimized.This method can be used when small amounts of BPH.

Transrectal microwave treatment involves the use of microwaves.Prostate tissue is heated, and there is its destruction.

All these operations are minimally invasive techniques in prostate cancer, and treatment is mainly aimed at the elimination of postoperative complications.

prevention and elimination of the disease in other ways

folk medicine since ancient times helps to overcome many kinds of diseases.When prostate cancer treatments folk remedies involves the use of many recipes.Such methods are widely known and effective.

the treatment of this type of disease is very often used pumpkin, and its fresh juice from the pulp has an effective influence on the course of the disease.Recommend juice drink two to three weeks for 1 glass with the addition of 1 tablespoon of honey.It is also advised to use roasted pumpkin seeds.They should only be dry.Serving need for a month about one hundred grams per day.

Another recipe for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia folk remedies is the use of onions.To do this, the infusion is prepared from crushed two bulbs and 0.6 liters of boiling water.This infusion should take about two months to fifty grams of each hour.

also recommended to prepare infusions of onion peel.For its preparation should be 1 cup peel pour 0.5 liters of water and boil to simmer for seven minutes.Thereafter the forty minutes and add three tablespoons of honey.Infusion take five days for one hundred grams three times a day.

the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia folk remedies still used walnuts.To do this, one tablespoon peeled nuts are ground with the same portion of pumpkin seeds.To this mixture is added a tablespoon of honey and taken with tea three times a day.

also make extracts from membranes and walnuts.Two tablespoons of membranes filled with two cups of water and boil on low heat for about twenty minutes.After this, insisting broth of one to two hours.Take one hundred milliliters three times a day.

also foreseen this kind of treatment of prostate adenoma folk remedies like herbal teas.The most effective is the infusion of celandine, which is taken for one month three times a day before meals for one tablespoon.It is recommended to strictly abide by the dosage.

Adenoma of the prostate treatment also include a mixture of herbal infusions hazel, hawthorn flowers, golden rod, Shandra, drug lithospermum and rhizomes harrow.His brew to simmer for about ten minutes.Thereafter infused thirty minutes.And the course of treatment lasts for twenty-five days.The infusion is used in equal portions to four times a day.

adenomas of the prostate can be treated even bee Podmore.Its main effect is to increase the immunity of the person.A warm infusion of bee Podmore use thirty minutes before meals twice a day.The amount of it is one tablespoon.But at the same time with bee Podmore need to take one hundred milliliters of warm water in which the divorced one teaspoon of honey.The entire course of medical therapy lasts for thirty days.Breaks up two weeks.And the treatments themselves may be three.Their number depends on the course of disease.

Traditional medicine offers to treat BPH and thus the recipe: two hundred grams of garlic, crushed and mixed with fresh lemon juice.For citrus juice required twelve.The obtained mixture insist twenty-four days.Then use it one teaspoon diluted in a hundred grams of water before going to bed.The course of treatment lasts for three weeks of therapy.Then, a break for seven days, after which the treatment is continued.

It should be noted that the use of folk remedies of medicine for diseases prostatic adenoma efficiently and painlessly get rid of this disease.