Symptoms of uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids (leiomyomas, fibroids, fibroids) - female reproductive system disease organism.It is characterized by the formation of benign tumors in the uterus muscle layers.Symptoms of fibroids are considered heavy bleeding of the uterus, prolonged menstruation, feeling the pull of gravity and the pain at the bottom of the abdomen, frequent urination, and constipation.

is diagnosed uterine fibroids during gynecological examination and confirmed by ultrasound only.Medical therapy itself increasingly dependent on women's age, tumor size, and the preservation of reproductive function.

If any show signs of uterine malignancy, it should be removed by surgery.In some situations applies hormonal drug treatment.

Today uterine fibroids is most famous for gynecological diseases.The frequency of its occurrence varies within the limits of 17-45%.That is, almost every fourth or fifth woman has the disease.Medical experts have argued previously that fibroids (myoma) is often diagnosed in women age thirty to th

irty-five years.Today, they consider that such a gynecological disease manifests itself in the age of eighteen to twenty-five years.

Types of uterine fibroids symptoms and their manifestations

development of symptoms of fibroids in women occurs in slow process.This is due to the fact that a single cell begins the process of dividing the muscles for unknown reasons.It also creates muscle tumor cells that form the nodes in the body of the uterus, i.e. fibroids.Fibroids are classified according to their place of education.

In medical terminology accepted to allocate these types of diseases, such as interstitial, subserous, submucous, mezhsvyazochnaya and cervical uterine fibroids.The first type of fibroids in the middle of the female organ of uterine muscle.This form of the disease occurs in 95% of diagnosing fibroids.Needless tumor remains within the borders of the wall or increases in size in the uterine cavity.As a result of the impact of the body of the uterus is deformed.

first signs of fibroids in women occur in the presence of heavy menstrual cycles.The cycle itself remains unchanged, but the bleeding worse.In such situations may develop iron deficiency anemia.Also inherent in painful menstruation.Algomenoreya causes sensations of pain and tightness of the pelvic region.This sign appears more pronounced for large size fibroids.Interstitial kind of disease may not show any symptoms.This occurs when there are small size of fibroids.

Often such fibroids diagnosed in women of reproductive age (20-50% of cases).And the disease itself shows no sign, but the tumor can significantly increase.At the same time a woman has the stomach (as in pregnancy six to seven months).If there is no increase in the tumor itself, in such cases, any impact is not on the reproductive function of women.But keep in mind that in the postpartum period or during pregnancy can happen bleeding in the tissue tumors.This will lead to the emergence of ulcers, or edema.

subserous kind of uterine fibroids is characterized by benign tumors of muscle layer of the uterus.What are the symptoms of fibroids may be in this case?All depends on the stage of the disease.But often, the symptoms are no different from previous types of fibroids.It should be noted that most of this form of the disease occurs in women of reproductive age.

And its appearance is associated with various factors.It can be hereditary causes hormonal imbalances in women because of the increased level of estrogen, incorrect operation of the subcortical centers of neuro-humoral regulation.Also here it can be attributed the failure of the exchange process, which occurs in the cervix as a result of lack of oxygen or nutrients.

subserous form of fibroid tumor growth in a different part of the abdomen.During this process, fibroids can be connected to the muscle wall of the thin legs or sit down completely.In some cases, the features can be freely detected uterine and abdominal cavity, or at certain distances from the uterus.For its size tumor (its components) may be different.

submucosal fibroids: symptoms and treatment

Uterine fibroids symptoms submucosal fibroids form of doctors considered the most complex disease.Almost always, when this diagnosis was prescribed surgery for resection of the uterus.But to date, discovered new methods of treatment.They make it possible to eliminate the cancer sites with the lowest cost.Typically, this form of the disease beyond the uterus.

On what signs fibroids appear in this form of the disease, we must say the following: the main reason for the development - is hormonal disorders in the body.It is also influenced by an unbalanced diet or a different diet.In addition, the frequent change of partners or a long abstinence from sexual intercourse can lead to disease.

It should be noted, and stress or fatigue, which can also lead to the formation of malignant tumor nodes.But the main symptoms of fibroids sumbukoznoy forms are acute pain in the lower abdomen or waist, prolonged and heavy menstruation cycles, fever, trouble conceiving a child, the presence of infertility or miscarriage, malaise, and a disproportionate increase in the abdomen.With regard to fertility, it should be noted that it is a form of fibroids cause difficulty in conception.This is attributed to the fact that the assembly is attached to the body of the uterus as intrauterine devices.And this leads to obstacles at fertilization.

At the earliest manifestations of symptoms of fibroids in women there is a possibility of medical treatment.In such a period should stop the growth of tumors.In those cases where this is not possible, a surgical operation is assigned.

Sometimes assumed and removal of the fibroids along with the uterus.Although many surgeons try to preserve reproductive function of women.For this purpose, used hysterectomoscopic procedure.Its essence lies in the introduction into the uterus of a specific tool that combines electrocoagulated stimulant and a video camera.This is carried out layer by layer removal of tumors without damaging the body of the uterus.

Cervical uterine cancer: symptoms and treatment

Cervical uterine fibroids formed in supravaginal the neck of the uterus body.It leads to a change in correct operation of the adjacent organs.This raises dizuricheskie processes, as well as complications during defecation.The tumor itself is not modified in size according to the phases of menstruation and menopause.

Note any signs of fibroids develop in this form of the disease.In the first place - is pain symptoms.In addition, there are changes in the menstrual cycle in women.The duration of bleeding is increased, while accompanied by sharp pains.After a period of developing the disease menopause.Basically cervical uterine fibroids formed aged 50-55 years.For its treatment are used as drug therapy, and surgical resection of the tumor.