The reasons for the appearance of red spots in pregnancy

Many young moms complain that they have on the body red spots appear during pregnancy.In no case do not need to self-medicate and somehow mask this phenomenon, even if the rash appeared on his face.Once a woman in the position noted on her skin reddened areas, it should immediately see a doctor, so he sent a future mother to the survey.Since the causes of red spots, and sometimes a lot of hard doctor immediately put the correct diagnosis and, in some cases, this phenomenon may be a symptom of the disease is potentially harmful to the health of the baby.In this article we will look at the possible reasons why during pregnancy red spots appear on the face, abdomen, arms, legs and back woman.

Red spots on the abdomen: pregnancy and dermatosis

most common and relatively harmless cause of red spots in pregnancy is a polymorphic dermatosis.There is an unpleasant condition because of hormonal changes in the body that occur very rapidly during all nine months of carrying a baby.The first signs of the disease

manifest themselves in the form of scars in the abdomen and itching.Then gradually the red spots may spread to other parts of the body: arms, back, chest, buttocks and thighs.But the soles of the feet and in the dermatosis in most cases, remain clean.The most common red spots on the abdomen during pregnancy appear in the third trimester.Although in the case of carrying twins (triplets) or a significant increase in the weight of this trouble can happen in the second and even the first trimester.Doctors believe that a polymorphic dermatosis appears due to significant stretching of the skin.

With the approach of the expected date of birth, red spots on the skin will become smaller, and their accompanying itching will gradually subside.After delivery, when the female hormones stabilize, red spots will be themselves.

Of course, this does not mean that the expectant mother will have to suffer the itching and rash to contemplate a few months.The gynecologist, to which a woman in the state should immediately seek to exclude other causes of red spots during pregnancy, she will appoint antihistamines authorized for use during the childbearing.

red spots on the face: pregnancy and allergy

allergic reaction during pregnancy can occur even in women who have never before it was not.This is primarily due to changes in the immune system that have taken place in connection with pregnancy.Allergies may provoke any food, even the one that the woman has repeatedly made use of, household chemicals, cosmetics, pets, dust, flowering plants, clothing made from synthetic materials.Allergy - a serious disease, which manifests itself not only itching and red spots on her face.When pregnancy is impossible to ignore the appearance of symptoms such as in some cases, severe allergic reaction can cause hospitalization expectant mother, because it can cause anaphylactic shock.This condition poses a risk to the health and life of the mother and her child.Timely access to a doctor and receive antihistamines, as well as the cessation of contact with the source of an allergic reaction are the key to successful carrying a pregnancy with the appearance of an allergic reaction.

red rash on the body: pregnancy and sudamen

Miliaria - irritation of the skin due to sweating and lack of sweat evaporation.Most often prickly heat manifests itself in the form of itching and red spots in pregnancy in the summer, when a woman is forced to wear a brace to maintain the abdomen.Also, the reason can be a prickly heat wearing of non-natural fabrics and inadequate hygiene are often held.To eliminate this unpleasant condition is necessary to take a daily water treatment and refuse to wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics.Problematic places recommended to wipe a 1% solution of salicylic alcohol, or calendula.

Red spots on the abdomen: pregnancy and disorders of the internal organs

Pregnancy red spots on the abdomen During gestation baby organs women experience a tremendous burden, because they, as they say, has to work for two.In some cases, when the gallbladder or liver is not able to handle the entrusted to them the work of, for example, due to the fact that the child is passing the bile ducts, leading to a deterioration in the outflow of bile, or woman takes drugs, authorities may signal this appearancered patches during pregnancy.Usually, a rash appears on the body, most often in the abdomen.

red spots on the body: pregnancy and infectious diseases

Unfortunately, there is a likelihood that a woman is in an interesting position, can catch an infectious disease such as scabies.It's enough to touch the exposed skin of any object in a public place, in particular, to lie down on a couch in a hospital or clinic.Such diseases manifest themselves in the form of itching and red spots, which spread throughout the body.And in most cases, infections during pregnancy red spots localized on the abdomen.