Office romance at work - how to save and end the relationship


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Pros novel at work

  1. Romance at work This may be the most - the love of your life.Falling in love at the office no worse unofficial novel, all the same.
  2. your spouse is always there, you see, with whom he is in contact - less cause for jealousy.
  3. Gossip, talk always involve discussion of all my colleagues, and before you start dating, you will know more about him than you need: his marital status, whether he was married, do you have children and so on.
  4. work - this is a common theme, you will not be bored in the evening, at least for the reason that there is something to discuss.
  5. At work we go "in the parade."You will always look good, it would support a keen interest in your partner.
  6. you get rid of headaches, nervous waiting call or sms on their halves.You are always together, it's a good reason right after work to go on a d
    ate without any "training".

Cons love relationships at work

  1. Flirting at work Photo - Flirting at work

    Amorous relationships at work can harm your career.Inspired by the love of a woman more likely to make mistakes, it becomes less attentive.If up to this point you stubbornly built their career life, and in the eyes of all the colleagues you are responsible employee, then the relationship can ruin the idea of ​​you as a professional.

  2. gossip, intrigues on the part of colleagues.Envious and single ladies will not regret their language, to how you can present your terrible love affair, and some manage to upset even the strongest.
  3. If there are disputes or problems at work, you can not blame the professionalism or the patronage of her man.
  4. Relations Head-slave always brings trouble.If you are a performer, then you could be accused of seducing the boss in order to use his official position.If you are the boss, you can be accused of "patronage" or worse, that the chief of staff pesters.Such case fraught dismissal.
  5. If you parted, then because of the day, he views his will remind you of the break, and again and again you will experience in mind, and whether we should leave.
  6. see each other more often, the more nit-picking, we get tired of the hourly presence of one and the same person.

Tips how to maintain relationships at work

  • Initially keep everything secret from colleagues.First-time communication with a man show if you can continue to be together, if so, great, you can share with your friends.But if a couple of weeks you will come to the opinion that it is necessary to leave, imagine how well that did not inform others about the two of you, in the end there is gossip and oblique views.
  • Both agreed that working things you will keep on working, and they do not have in no way affect your daily life.And the workers of the case can bring difficulties when you do not need to go on concessions and defend their point of view, as a professional.
  • because of the conflict of opinion, is often one of the partners pass on another job.Assume the financial component of who earns more, he also remains.Do not rush immediately to such action may resort very strong pair, sensing support each other.Little did disperse, and eventually one will lose and the other half, and a good job.Therefore, if the choice fell on you, it is necessary to properly dismissed from his job, to be able to return to the lucrative post.

How to finish office romance without hurting both