Qigong for weight loss - breathing exercises


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  • Tips from the Chinese sages


  1. Poses (travel path)
  2. Breathing techniques
  3. mental concentration on the energy passing through the body.
Qigong for weight loss As a form of meditation, breathing exercises practiced qigong for weight loss with a calm mind and relaxed body.Through an acquaintance of European scientists and celebrities from the culture of the East, and now this practice is used all over the world, as a type of alternative medicine and meditation practice.According to the Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian philosophy, qigong allows access to higher realms of consciousness, awakens the "true nature", as well as helping to develop human potential.
  • hypertension, hypotension;
  • cancer;
  • relieve pain in the joints, bones or muscles;
  • obesity, loss of skin tone.


  1. Dynamic practice .This movement of the liquid inside, as mentioned above, as a rule, elaborate choreography, movements coordinated with breath
    ing and thoughts.Examples include slow stylized movements of Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua and Xing Yi.Other examples include the graceful movements that mimic the movements of five animals - Soaring Crane, Panda, Wild Goose, Dragon, Tiger.
  2. Static practice .The bottom line is hardening in a certain position for a while.In some cases, it is similar to the practice of yoga, or sudzhok callanetics, and their continuation in the Buddhist tradition.As a form of simple exercises, Qigong consists of movements that tend to be repeated several times, it helps to strengthen and stretch the body, increasing the movement of fluids (blood, lymph), improving balance and proprioception, and improving coordination.

    Qigong Exercise Photo - Exercise Qigong

  3. meditative practices .Using breathing, visualization, mantra to focus on philosophical concepts such as qi circulation.For example, in the teachings of Confucius tradition of meditation focused on the humanity and virtue, with the purpose of self-enlightenment.In various Buddhist traditions, the goal is to calm the mind, or through an external focus, for example, on-site, or via an internal with emphasis on breathing, mantras, ideas of emptiness or the eternal movement of life.In Taoism and traditional Chinese practice of medicine, meditative focus is on the cultivation of Qi and Tan Tien energy centers and balancing qi flow in the meridional and other waterways.
  4. use of external agents .Many systems include the use of qigong external agents, such as taking herbs, self-massage, physical manipulation or interaction with other living organisms.For example, special food and drinks used in some medical and Taoist practices, while massage and manipulation of the body are more applicable in the martial arts.Some medical systems qigong master uses a non-contact treatment allegedly directing qi through the body itself in another person.We must remember that for the correction of the muscles used rigid technique of qigong, and diet - soft, it recommends in his book, Lana Anatole, we offer elaborate exactly on it.

qigong exercises

  1. autumn breeze blowing leaves: gentle turn toward the waist and neck;
  2. Awakening qi: very slow, gentle lifting and lowering of the body, starting position - bent to the ground;
  3. balancing chi: Turn clockwise twist is waist;

    Occupation Outdoors Photo - Lesson on the nature

  4. Hands-clouds: with their hands trying to pull the spine, especially the lumbar as possible.A bit like a children's exercise: "Dragged to the sun";
  5. Flying Eagle: good exercise for all regions, includes upgrades to the socks and downs, great body, great help against wrinkles on his stomach and sides;
  6. gaze at the moon: it is Qigong exercises involves leaning forward from the waist twists the neck and look over his shoulder - good strengthening of the shoulder joint;
  7. sun in his hand: raskachivatelnye movement back and forth (one foot is moved forward and the other backward), accompanied by a horizontal circle hands;
  8. Raise my hands: soft movement of the head and hands up and down helps to develop a deep breath and a feeling of calm.This is a good start to a busy day;
  9. crane spreads its wings: a very smooth body to move forward and back thighs.Hands while moving forward allot behind his back when the trouble go ahead, remove your palms on the waist line;
  10. Boating on the lake: straight arms make a big circle first clockwise, then against.
  11. draws the sea: to stoop forward, arms at the same time should be in the face, making them a semi-circle, slowly unbent maximize ago.
  12. frog: the most difficult of all these exercises.It should lie on his stomach and slowly reduce the arms and legs.The purpose conclude a foot in the castle with his arms and hold this position maximum.When you need to gently separate the castle and back to the starting position.Repeat as possible several times.
  13. Windmill Hands on the waist, legs together.To bend at the same time making a large circle of his arms, waist while stationary and moving hips clockwise.
Exercise lying Photo - Exercise lying

Tips from the Chinese sages

directed energy number Animal Month Time of day system or organ
Qi 1 Rat November 22 - December 21 41579 Gallbladder
Chow 2 Bull December 22 - January 20 13-15 liver
dH 3 Tiger January 21 - February 19 15-17 Light
Mao 4 Rabbit February 20 - March 20 17-19 colon
Chen 5 Dragon March 21 - April 19 19-21 stomach
C 6 Snake April - 20 - May 20 21-23 Spleen
Wu 7 Horse May 21 - June 21 41579 Heart
Wei 8 Sheep June 22 - July 21 13-15 small intestine
Shen 9 Monkey July 22 - August 21 15-17 Bladder
Yo 10 Rooster August 22 - September 22 17-19 Kidneys
Xu 11 Dog September 23 - October 22 19-21 pericardium
Hay 12 Pig October 23 - November 21 21-23 Trehperstnaya gut

reviews of many women who have experienced the qigong to improve the health and weight loss are encouraging: improved breathing, stretching, and even decreased wrinkles.After a month of exercises Qigong begins actively losing weight, kilograms then do not come back, in addition, improves skin tone and muscle.