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Purpose and types of devices

  1. speed up metabolism;
  2. Accelerates lymph, which reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body;
  3. Treatment of blood clots and varicose veins;
  4. cellulite treatment any stage, excessive weight;
  5. stress relieving;
  6. conclusions from the body of excess fluid and toxins.
Apparatus presoterapii There are different devices for lymphatic drainage and pressure therapy, and before choosing any type should be familiar with his area of ​​work and effect. portable compact device helps to solve many problems, such as cushions on the abdomen or the tabs at the hips, but it is rarely used for getting rid of the "orange" crust.This is a home unit, it can be bought in any specialty store or sporting goods department in the hypermarket.The cost of such devices depending on who the manufacturer, is around 10 - 20 000 rudders.

How to use pressomassazherom

  1. Pre can not eat for 2 hours and need to take a bath.We suggest not much steam out becauseit can cause rupture of blood vessels and some after the session will be bruising;
  2. to wear a suit only dry body (in some cases on the advice of a doctor can use special modeling gels or masks for fat loss, to enhance the effect);
  3. includes devices and configured cyclical effects.It is believed that the faster will move through the air costume - the stronger the effect, but it is better to see a specialist, your doctor will help determine optimal frequency;
  4. The most important advantage of pressure therapy is that it can be done every day, but not more than 45 minutes.Of course, if you go to a salon, a little expensive, but at home - this is the best solution to get rid of excess centimeters.
Apparatus for pressure therapy Photo - equipment unit for pressure

Select Device

HOME APPLIANCES Photo - Domestic unit
  • Israel - Instrument Beauty (Beauty series also produces firm from Spain), Nazeli 4;
  • France - Rejouir Lymphatic drainage, Gezatone, Pharmacelspower-Q, Gezanne;
  • Germany - Physiovac, Lympha Press Optimal, Biopress;
  • Italy - Pressomed 2009 (especially recommended for varicose legs), LINFOPRESS Elite;
  • Czech Republic - Ums 160, Impress, Linfopress Evolution, Limfavizhin (it really compliments the forum beauticians and therapists - cheap, but in functionality is not inferior to the French model);
  • Korea - GUANGZHOU PULLY BEAUTY EQUIPMENT CO (Beauty Group), Takasima.
Professional device Photos - Professional device