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Pets methods

The agent for the growth of eyebrows Reviews argue that to accelerate the growth of eyebrows you can use the hair.For example, make a mask with mustard and pepper.But we must be very careful - if the mixture gets on the mucous membrane of the eye, conjunctivitis can begin.
  1. Connect spoon of tincture of water pepper and two tablespoons of burdock (olive, sunflower, castor) oil.All mix and heat in a water bath;
  2. If pre-heat the oil, then the use of the bath is no longer needed;
  3. resulting mass is gently applied and leave for 4 minutes.
  1. Two pieces of dry mustard powder and powdered sugar;
  2. egg yolks;
  3. two parts water.
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name Features
Advanced Revita lash (Advanced Line) German drug for strengthening roots.Apply every day after washing, can not be used together with the ink, so it is advisable to use at night.It is worth noting that advansed - a hormonal agent, a poem can not be smeared girls of 18 years and during pregnancy.
Adonia Brow Revive This unique American serum for rapid growth.Her notable feature in comparison with other drugs - in a powerful composition with more than 20 active and useful components.It is hypoallergenic and very sparingly, if necessary, can be used on the eyelashes.
Alerana Alerana is excellent products for giving the density of eyelashes, but it is also suitable for eyebrows.The structure consists of a stimulator of a variety of vitamins and extracts, and the drug definitely help to improve the density and strengthen the roots.In addition, due to the chestnut extract activator growth obscures the existing hairs, creating a visual volume.
Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution (CND) analogue of this tool is Karepov Volyum (Volum) for the growth of the eyebrows of the same company.Stated that the drug can drip directly into the eyes, it accelerates the growth of eyelashes, helps eliminate dryness of mucous on eyebrows spread in several layers of brush.It is worth noting that the doctors do not recommend the use of this tool in mind the set of contraindications and side effects.
SATURA Rosta Eyelash (Evolash) Evalash - it is simply a mixture of active oils in a convenient package.No side effects, and the result is shown after a month.You should try to use the drug on a regular basis, then the first will improve faster.In addition to accelerating the growth of eyebrows Satur their darkens.
Mavala Double-lash Good and effective means of gel, but quite expensive (about $ 20 for 10 ml).Composed of vitamins and acids, mineral components contribute to the strengthening of roots.It can be used as a therapeutic and prophylactic drug.
Placen Formula HP This is a known mask for the treatment of hair loss and alopecia.It contains extract from this placenta, it is therefore an indispensable tool for accelerating the growth of eyebrows.
Brow Lash Growth Accelerator Ardell drug effectively strengthens.Known strong components and rapid absorption but may cause minor allergic reactions (itching).
RapidBrow Eyebrow innovative professional cosmetic for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, used to increase recovery and staining.It softens not only the eyebrows and the skin around them.The composition is enriched with coenzyme biotin, panthenol and apple stem cells.Costs from $ 70 per 8 ml.
FacEvolution GmbH good drug, but it is inconvenient to use on eyebrows - because of the thin brush turns overruns.It accelerates growth and helps to strengthen the existing active follicles.
Platinus Lashes Platinum - is a known activator of the growth of eyelashes, which can be used on the eyebrows.
Feg Eyelash Enhancer feature of this product to the full natural composition.He kept a few months, but giapollergenen and contains no chemical additives.Contains oils and extracts from plants, is quickly absorbed.It is used during the day and at night.
RevitaBrow Sample Only emulsion or air conditioner from Revita to enhance growth beautiful and thick eyebrows.It should be applied after each wash.The formula consists of vitamins and natural extracts, hypoallergenic, non-irritating to the mucous membranes, it has a pleasant smell.
Oil Elma As part of the usual oil: castor oil, burdock.They are complemented by nettle and calendula extract and vitamins B.
Hairplus growth acceleration provokes molecule prostaglandin, which is a potent stimulator of cell operation.Thanks to her, eyebrows are thicker, darker and stronger after the first days of application.
Talika Lipocils French vegetable-based gel is completely homeopathic preparation with cumulative effect.The results are visible after a month of regular use.Price $ 20.
Oil Lash Max Effect mixture of natural oils (coconut, burdock, castor oil and olives) with a vitamin complex to strengthen and accelerate growth.It is absorbed slowly, because only used at night after removing makeup.
L'Oreal Professionnel Aminexil Advanced Amineksilom with L'Oreal is one of the best ways to accelerate the growth of curls.It should be noted that it is presented as a drug for treating alopecia, but can also be used on the eyebrows.On the lashes applied it is not necessary - will inflammation.

Buy listed funds for the growth of eyebrows can be in any town (Samara, Moscow, St. Petersburg and others).Selling is done in cosmetic stores and pharmacies.