Ultrasonic cavitation - non-surgical liposuction


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Pros and cons

  1. Cavitation Cavitation used at any age, it is consideredshe even allowed adolescent girls;
  2. technique is very effective, t. To. The effects can be 20-25 millimeters deep into the skin.This allows the fat to dissolve chronic;
  3. effect is noticeable after the third procedure, which is quite fast for non-invasive methods;
  4. a qualitative treatment of women lose weight the most problematic areas: the line of the abdomen, hips, waist, back - less moving parts of the body;
  5. This therapy does not cause discomfort.It is not painful, but after only a short time after the session, you can return to the familiar life.
  1. Circulatory system problems, including a predisposition to a heart attack;
  2. pressure drops;
  3. It can be harmful to pregnant women;
  4. Individual contraindications;
  5. Diseases of the blood;
  6. adverse effects when varicose veins or closely located to the skin blood vessels;
  7. presence in the affected area or just festering open wounds, recent depilation wax, shugaring.
Lipolysis Photo - lipolysis

How is a session

Exposure unit Photos - The impact device
  1. sensor is adjusted to the desired frequency, after which the patient is laid down on the couch;
  2. During processing procedures in the field of skin on the site of fat produces small bubbles.They burst and are derived from the lymph, some women may feel it, so sometimes there is a little itchy;
  3. Myostimulation made on a certain area several times during the procedure.The average treatment takes 40 minutes;
  4. worth noting that for the stimulation of the lymphatic system after cavitation to do lifting and lymphatic drainage massage.Sometimes a vacuum cleaning.It is necessary to secure the effect;
  5. After the cream is applied to the body, which will improve the effect of ultrasound.
Skin condition after cavitation Photo - Skin condition after cavitation
  1. After the session, need a diet.Avoid sugary and fatty, try to eat as much as possible of complex carbohydrates (cereals);
  2. Many myths about cavitation stipulate that after the treatment effect will come soon.It's not the quality of the ultrasound is cumulative, so the more treatments - the better.We should not neglect the body wraps and massages;
  3. After a course of treatments is necessary to use different methods to enhance lymphatic drainage.It can be scrubs, exercise.
Before and after the cavitation Photos - Before and after cavitation

Price Review

City cost of the procedure rf-lifting on hips City cost of the procedure rf-lifting on hips
Almaty 6000 Moscow 6500
Vladivostok 6300 Nizhny Novgorod 6200
Volgograd 6000 Novosibirsk 6200
Voronezh 6200 Odessa 6400
Dnepropetrovsk 6400 Omsk 6300
Donetsk 6300 Perm 6200
Yekaterinburg 6200 St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) 6500
Izhevsk 6200 Samara 6200
Irkutsk 6200 Chelyabinsk 6300
Kiev 6500 Togliatti 6000
Kirov 6200 Tomsk 6200
Krasnodar 6000 Tula 6000
Krasnoyarsk 6000 Tyumen 6000
Kharkiv 6200 Ufa 6000