If the husband is older than his wife


  • Misconceptions and Reality
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Misconceptions and Reality

  1. compared with your same age, he will be more patient .
    Not necessarily, as the person who has lived a long life, is unlikely to adjust to you.
  2. With him there will be problems, he did not give any reason to be jealous .
    Well, it depends.Undoubtedly, you are much more attractive than his first wife, but for how long will the youth with you?Every day the other girls blossom and become potential rivals.
  3. He will be tender and loving father.
    Most likely, it will.If your husband has children from his first marriage, then he probably will want to start a family, without repeating past mistakes.It may happen that your child will be the favorite, and then that starts jealousy on your part.
  4. if the husband is older He will not abandon you ever .
    And it is as lucky.It does not matter if the husband is older or the same age as you.Life is, it will put everything in its place, and if he liked any woman that age has n
    othing to do with it.
  5. It will sponsor you load with presents and gifts.
    If only up to the first intimate relationship, and as long as you do not move in with him.He was tired of eternal wandering in search of clubs and family comfort.He needs your kindness and caring, family atmosphere.So if you need a landlord, then rewound lover.
  6. With it, you can feel yourself a princess.
    I think it will.He already knows what you need before the girl to hold the door and shake hands when leaving the vehicle.And it can be much gallantry your peers.
  7. your friends and family do not understand your relationship .
    That Buda at first, friends need time to get used to your chosen one.The problem may be your interest.If the husband is older than 10, 15 or 20 years, it is unlikely that it will be interesting to listen to all the youth nonsense.But this is your man, you love him and you can fall in love with its interests.
  8. He will teach you constantly .
    He can do so, but only if it is simply boring, and it is not associated with age.The older the person, the more he is able to understand that alter a person to anything good will not.In your family life has not yet rarely have to compromise and let it you will not be the biggest problem.
Older man Photo - older man
  • financial independence.For some women it is a key factor because, so they can improve their financial situation, to get an education to help parents and make a career;
  • for the sake of his young wife, a mature man will try to look younger: play sports and take care of yourself;
  • reliable shoulder;
  • experience partner.