Head is interested and has signs of attention


  • What led relationships with the chief
  • Avoiding harassment head
  • Video: love relationship at work between the manager and the worker

What led relationships with the chief

  • remain withwith nothing .It is unlikely that your boss serious intentions and views you are likely for it you - another novel, a young girl who has not visited in his trap.
  • In his lifetime power .Do not think that all the issues you will decide on an equal footing.He is used to refer to you as a subordinate, and change their way of life will not be.
  • quarrel with colleagues .Many will envy or, conversely, to be angry because of the fact that you have the privilege to work.
  • Happy future .Not often, but still it happens sometimes.But we should not deceive ourselves such happy, you can count on one hand, because relationships are built, and taking into account the fact that you do not exclude the fact that he is a promising superiors, and he takes you to a lovely young girl who can hardly resist the boss.

Avoiding harassment head

Pesters Head What to do if you are not pleasant molestation chief?Consider what type it is, because it may just be a funny person - womanizer who likes to do the girls compliments and courtesies;he feels satisfaction from the fact that many of this being.This narcissistic man and hurt him not.
  • at an early stage of manifestation of interest of the authorities make it clear , and you can even tell him that for you it is not acceptable and you want to continue to have a relationship: superior-subordinate.Do not respond to compliments enigmatic smile or laugh, do not 'start' chief, as he is a man and will treat it as a tacit consent.
  • dress modestly .No need to wear a revealing dress with a neckline, high stud, sweaters, of which can peek bras, pants with low waist panties and view.Do not wake the interest in it!
  • If he pesters then tell it to my colleagues .Soon spread this rumor, respectable colleagues will spit on him to look, thus bring him out of himself, and he will fall behind from you to cover up the situation.
  • Do not stay alone .If not, then the maximum reduces the time staying with them and ask for a better friend take with you into his office because of need.
  • Keep handy recorder , so you will ensure yourself a security against possible provocations and its ultimatums.You can even call themselves intimidate his wife (an option of last resort, although it is not desirable).
  • Write letters .Set out your indignation in writing to the superior body or trade union.There is a chance that this problem they will help you decide.For molestation and harassment boss can get under the article, there are cases - the restriction of freedom.
  • fired from their jobs .This is the case if no one method does not help.Even if somehow the problem is resolved, you will be hard to work every day and see the head of this, and in a team you will be "marked."