How to attract the attention of the guy if he likes

How to attract the attention of the guy if he likes Each was such that we like the guy, but he does not pay any attention to us, it is enough to recall his childhood: Oh, those playboy-boys.

effective method

  • As mentioned about self-esteem, it is necessary to raise .Do not be afraid to be rejected, then it's not your man, and the search continues.Like herself, and will gain in harmony with each other.You do not have hordes of fans, you need the right person for you.
  • Always follow the appearance .Agree, well-groomed girl always looks elegant!A wise woman always looks good, even if just walking around the house.Hair must be clean and tidy, and the statistics show that guys love long-haired.You need to spend quality hair care.Wear clothes that emphasizes the figure, and does not hide it.Determine what you looks more attractive if the chest, then put the striking brooch, neck - an elegant scarf, hand - the ring, waist - sexy skinny strap, pop - emphasizing pants ... There are many options, just be more noticeable, but do not overdo it, todoes not loo
    k vulgar.Makeup choose the one that really suits you, to feel confident.
  • Embarrassing girl Photo - embarrassing girl

    Be kind and smile more often , then the man will feel comfortable in your presence, and it is already half of success in modern men and women.

  • second half - eye contact.Look into the eyes Man and smile a few seconds, without taking his eyes.That's enough to send him a signal of your interest.Using this technique, you will always know how to attract the attention of the guy if he likes you.
  • What do you know about odors ?Yes, they have attracted and repelled.Word myself thinking how you change the view of outside guy when it comes from the magnificent smell ... You can get som (in a good way)!Therefore, the girl has to be a bottle of good perfume.Lots of articles dedicated to pheromones, but in practice it rarely works, so hope for a miracle tool is not worth it.