Dry shampoo for damaged hair tips


  • What is a dry shampoo
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  • How to make dry shampoo
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What is a dry shampoo

  1. Save time;
  2. restoration of the structure curls posechennyh treatment tips, increased;
  3. ensure freshness and lightness pryadok;
  4. Complete cleansing of the head of dandruff, dead skin cells and fat.
  1. The use of dry shampoos Bhutan
  1. Isobutane
  1. Rice starch
  1. Alcohol
  1. Perfume (Fragrance)
  1. Kumarin
  1. Distialdimnium chloride
  1. chloride cetrimonium

How to make dry shampoo

  1. glass of warm mineral water or thawed;
  2. quarter cup of starch or cornmeal;
  3. quarter cup of vodka or ethyl alcohol;
  4. essential oils to impart flavor curls.
Instructions for use dry shampoos Photo - Instructions for use dry shampoo

Professional dry shampoos

Name Features
Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Famous nourishing shampoo spray.Created on the basis of starch (many sprays have a whitish hue, which gives the hair a shade of gray), so be careful when using in the dark or dyed c
Rene Furterer This version contains kaolin, which, along with starch absorbs greasy film.It also contains essential oils of peppermint, caraway, and basil.Freshens 24 hours.
Ojon Hair Rub-Out Dry Cleanser Excellent shampoo for oily hair dyed, known bamboo extract, which strengthens the strands and reduces hair loss.
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder This tool does not apply to dry powder but is used as a powder to freshen hairstyle in the middle of the day.Convenient and easy to use.
Tresemme Fresh Start Waterless This mousse shampoo designed for curly hair, it contains witch hazel extract, which can control the sebaceous glands.
Matrix Biolage Shampoo Ideal for light hair not only cleans the strands but also a little lightens them shine and strength.
Kerastase Shampoo Kerastas Lovely shampoo for dry hair and sensitive scalp.Hypoallergenic, has regenerating and calming effect.
DOVE HAIR THERAPY REFRESH + CARE Dove is known for its calming effect.Suitable for all hair types, it provides a long-lasting freshness and restores the structure pryadok.
Osis Refresh Dust Schwarzkopf sealing means likely to appeal to girls with thin curls, can also act as a foam to give the hair volume.
Lady Henna Probably the best Indian dry shampoo for damaged hair, developed a system of Ayurveda is composed of natural ingredients.
Kraciekanebo ichikami Another drug for dry epidermis of the head, allows to get rid of body fat, hydration and treatment of dandruff.Often used as a scrub.
Klorane Shampooing sec extra-doux Many reviews say that the dry shampoo Kloran suitable for the treatment of very dry and damaged hair tips.It distributed in the form of a spray.
Sephora Express Dry Cleaning Pretty expensive drug, but very effective.Suitable for oily and normal pryadok.It does not cause allergic reactions.
L'Oreal Professional Tecni Art Fresh Dust Shampooing great option from the firm L'Oreal for emergency washing hair, cleanses not only the hair, but the skin, giving the head a long pleasant smell.
LUSH suitable for very oily scalp, comes in the form of talc, in comparison with analogues main advantage is affordable price means.
SYOSS Anti Greace One of the most effective drugs Cieza for oily hair without curls and volume.Not only cleans, but also heals.
VEDA Vedica This herbal powder, which is used to strengthen porous and split curly hair, all natural and hypoallergenic.
Estel Otium Pearl Dry Shampoo Estelle is not suitable for dark and black hair, but some great show to light.
"Expert-Balance", HairX Pure Balance Dry Shampoo very popular tool for cleaning fatty pryadok.It acts quickly, and the effect is almost enough for 48 hours.
Lech Dermatologic dry shampoo is used for seborrhea, appointed many Trichology to prevent this disease, as well as a strong loss curls.The analogue is the preparation of the "grandmother Agafia with cedar microcapsules."These remedies are sold in a pharmacy.

In addition to these funds, as often girls are moisturizing dry shampoo Nivea, Alerana, Pantin Provo, Vichy, Oriflame, Garnier, and many others.Women's forums say that we need to use conventional means - it will protect you from counterfeiting.Dry shampoos Photo - Dry shampoos