Why do people betray each other

Why about me wipe their feet? you are friends from childhood, or from the time of going to school or university.While there is no betrayal, and since there is no problem.Always together, we went everywhere together, shared their most secret secrets, helped when it was really needed.Is not that true friendship?It's hard to answer.A difficult because the day you are betraying.Not necessarily it should be one person, it can be friends.On the Internet, many articles - "cry from the heart: My friends betrayed why about me wipe their feet?" So much treachery around.One of the stories


I betrayed friend But it is worth us to be together in public as she puts me a fool, always does wrong in the debate, which is not even involved.And she too lazy to sit down with me for one party.

pain in my soul

About me wipe their feet Sometimes I look into their eyes, it seems to me that, even see them on the face of guilt, honestly, I've seen it, probably they realize that's not fair with me coming in, but unfortunately,at the same time they stop.Even if someone has apologized ... You
feel like a doormat - wiped his feet - the joy of asking!

My opinion

why best friends betray Why best friends betray My loyal friends I think that seeing your relationship to the children, as you have already written above, you must be a wonderful family, because you have to make every effort to do so.And your husband, and you can be a friend and a vest, and everything you dreamed!A happy family life overrides all the hardships which you have suffered.