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  1. Mummies in the pack tissue saturation with vitamins and minerals.Most unique mineral compounds, and their body can be obtained only in the form of special drugs.While there is a mummy, selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and many other necessary us micro- and macroelements;
  2. means great help from any skin lesions.The body every day there are micro cracks, which can then develop into a serious problem: stretch marks, rashes, fungi.Mountain tear can reduce their number;
  3. Because it is composed of various minerals, powdered mummy great help cellulite.It accelerates the lymph and restores the skin, increasing its turgor;
  4. Treatment of alopecia, any disease of nails, eliminating or reducing the number of stretch marks by regenerating and antioxidant qualities.

Cream and mask from the mummy

Applying cream on problem areas Photo - applying the cream on problem areas Making cream with mummy Photo - Creation of a cream with mummy

scrubs recipes from the stretch

  1. teaspoon of mummies;
  2. same amount of ground coffee;
  3. 5 drops of ether (you can take an orange or eucalyptus oil);
  4. spoonful of water;
  5. Anti-cellulite cream (quantity depends on the treatment area).
Before and after the application Photos - Before and after applying
  1. cleaned by best absorbed into steamed out skin, so before the application is desirable to take a hot bath or douche;
  2. Many girls on the forums recommended a washcloth to rub the cream, it helps get rid of old stretch marks;
  3. In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to carry out procedures on a regular basis, the effect will be noticeable on the use of 5-6;
  4. To remove all stretch marks, treatment should begin as early as possible.The lighter stretch - so difficult to get rid of them with the mummy, even if the means used daily.