How to use shea butter for hair


  • What is shea butter, its types and dignity
  • application of shea butter
  • instruction on the proper use
  • Professional

What is shea butter, its types and dignity

  1. Refined and unrefined;
  2. Solid and liquid.
  1. Promotes shine tired curls;
  2. helps to soften dry, stiff, thin hair;
  3. With wheat extract is used to strengthen the strands of colored;
  4. contains large amounts of fatty acids, which are crucial for rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin;
  5. provides all the necessary vitamins to make the skin smooth, soft;
  6. Protects against wind, cold, sun, accelerates regeneration;
  7. stimulates cellular activity, fights the effects of aging.

Application shea butter

Shea Hair To use the tool as a rinse aid, it is necessary to clean damp strands cause pumpkin seed oil, spread it over the entire length, a good rub on his head.After this heated Shea, is applied over the pumpkin, combing thick comb and plait locks into a braid or plait - so useful to better absorb the particles in the end.Wash off after 10 minu

instruction on the proper use


name Note
Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Developed by Avon, this mask helps restore dry hair, it contains natural extractShea and coconut.
Constant Delight Constant crystals contain liquid extract shea butter, contribute to the rapid penetration of nutrients into the interior of the structure.
Kanebo Kracie Naive Deep Make-Up Cleansing oil Olive. Very good balm that provides in-depth professional care.It will help to accelerate growth, enhance shine and facilitate the disentangling.
Korres Korres produces a line with an extract of shea butter, which has a shampoo and conditioner.Together, they make it easy to curl, the ends sealed, restore the structure.
L'OccitaneSheaButter completely natural oil refined professional, it can be applied in pure form.Also sold shampoo, mask and balsam this brand.
Avon Fruit Mask Hair Souffle "Shi and Asai" Another development company Avon.Remedy For Oily to Combination Hair helps to normalize the sebaceous glands and accelerate the growth of curls.
NUMERO periche benefits of shea butter for hair company Numero obvious.It is mixed with other oils effective (peach and coconut), making it faster penetrates the strands, it gives curls and obedience shine.
Recipes grandmother Agafia domestic means.An affordable price and a good presence: from 150 rubles for a set.

also suggested means to try Vichy Akvalit antioxidant fluid, MonPlatinDSM (monplatin) Selective CorinedeFarme.You can buy them at any store cosmetics or professional products for hair in your city (for example, in Moscow, Minsk or Kiev).