How to fall in love with a Man

Fall in love at first sight
We girls want attention, care, and that we guarded.I want to love, and not just as a mutual, but sometimes we are faced with a difficult question is how to fall in love is not familiar to us for a Man or which have long been familiar, if he is to you is not looking, or even worse, he is not free: inmarried, or who has a girlfriend.Lawless Heart, I want to be close to a loved one.Do not worry, there is always a way out - over the years women have tried different methods to make love with a guy, and these secrets are available to us.

make an effort for your favorite guy

Fall in love with a man When we learn that the most memorable for one meeting, and how we respond to people?For example, it was a good girl, she smiled sweetly, and likable.So do not forget about the smile, it must become a calling card, and if this has a small problem, you can whiten your teeth that you do not fettered.

10 tips on how to fall in love with any guy quickly and permanently

  1. Create external image.Try to look good, because men love with their
    eyes, do not forget about hair care, appearance, including clothing.Favorite worn jerseys leave home, preferring feminine outfits are not necessarily skirts and dresses, because you can choose jeans that make you look great.Reincarnation in the change of image works wonders, you can fall in love with a guy who does not like you, or do you think "I'm indifferent," as you open it in another;enough to remember a bunch of movies on the subject.
  2. Do not be an open book for him.Intrigues him with her mysterious, on the first date do not tell everything about yourself, otherwise nothing would tell the next.Let him know you want to!You can not both agree on the practical use, and before listing all their passions, to hear his opinion on this.It is better that he no longer spoke, and you carefully pretend that listening to and using the tips above, do not respond with negative ideas.Becoming a mystery to him, he will want to meet again, but you do not just do not agree.Let torment waiting for a new meeting than you do him even more of his zaintriguete.Refer to time and let the meeting take place in two days or three, long delayed is not worth it, otherwise cool the sprouts of love.
  3. Work on his charisma.If you will be respected, and your opinion will be listened to others, you will make the object of desire even more experience and will be able to attract the attention of the guy.He will appreciate you.
  4. love what he loves.He has a hobby that he is keen on?Well, praise him and ask to talk more about it.Would be great if it would be your general interest, you can spend more time together.
  5. Love Man Personal development!"Blondes" like not many, and speak with a fully developed girl every guy would be nice.Surprise him with his knowledge, just remember one thing: it is not necessary to show that you are smarter than him, in any case!Do not suppress it, it is better to cheat, but let him feel their importance and what you're interested in everything about what he says!
  6. Be unusual and interesting that I want to learn.Pleasant surprises for your loved one.
  7. not boring and "do not show the character."Not the allegations, his whims to postpone until will not go to the official status of "man and woman" requires nothing - otherwise it will have a dislike to your account that will complicate our task.
  8. the time being be inaccessible.Do not jump into his bed on the first night or one week dating, but you like him, and you hope that he fall in love with you.But you're sure it will be so?You'll have to carry the stigma of "easily accessible" or "fallback".It is not necessary, we have said that you were a mystery.Enjoy your time visiting, awkward kisses and hiking the handles buketno-candy period.When intimacy happens, half of it will not.
  9. Make a little jealous, just a little!Men - males, they need to win.And!None of the male will not allow him to his female (as would be rude and unpleasant sounds, it is the owner) was flirting the other, will not let her play toy.It is to our advantage if we pay attention to the other guys, it's only motivate our radical measures may be such that we will not try to fall in love with us, and he will begin to act in order to win our hearts.
  10. The guy friends, needs support.Be it, maintain it, not rebuke an error, on the contrary, say that it is done, learning by trial and error.

Tips how to fall in love with is not familiar Man or order which rarely vidishsya

How to fall in love with a married guy, or who has a girlfriend

How to fall in love with a Man Notice he choke stores pies or semi-finished, it means that he really did not have enough hostesssince no one likes to eat badly.On any possible chance, try to treat his home-made food, no wonder they say "well-fed man - happy man," You talk, find common themes, you will understand that both have much in common.This is a good springboard for the beginning of friendship, and if you follow all the suggested tips, you can fall in love with your object of adoration.

as a guy fall in love at first sight?

How to fall in love at a distance

Fall in love Could it be love at a distance?When a guy away, make fall in love at a distance is difficult, except by correspondence.But this is subjective, in fact, people who are so close and are similar in their opinion, corresponding with each other, may simply not like it and did not come in person.How to fall in love with a man