How to get rid of pimples on your back


  • Causes of acne on the back
  • methods of struggle
  • traditional therapies
  • Treatment masks at home
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Causes of acne on the back

  1. too active sebaceous glands.Pores gradually hammered this secret, then they are formed bridging comedones that form black dots.Because of this, the skin does not "breathe", it ceases to be a flat surface, losing a healthy appearance and still attractive.There are inflammatory processes.
  2. hereditary factor.Solid abundance of acne on the back can be triggered by a defect has a direct impairment of purification is inherited.
    How to get rid of pimples on your back
  3. Synthetics.Today it is not often you can find clothes made of natural fabrics.Man-made fibers are almost always added during its manufacture, even if its basis is a natural material.These components prevent the free circulation of air, the skin does not breathe the dust and sweat accumulate.Especially strong is the impact of such a slim cut clothes.
  4. also the cause of their appearance on the back may
    be all kinds of stressful situations, always accompanied by hormonal changes.
  5. puberty.Again, we are talking about hormones.During this period, they begin to be produced in the body in elevated concentrations, causing an immediate increase in production of sebum.Further reactions described in the first paragraph.
  6. shortage of vitamins.For example, a deficiency of vitamin B5 is long enough to provoke an inflammatory reaction on the skin.
  7. peeling.Some people mistakenly believe that the skin on the back will be much cleaner, subjecting it to all possible cleansing (chemical, physical, and so forth.) More often, including peeling.Because of these grave effects of damaging the upper layers of the epidermis, causing it becomes defenseless, acne on the back are starting to appear more quickly, the number becomes more impressive.
Shower as prevention against acne on the back photo back of a girl who takes a shower

methods of struggle

traditional therapies

Acne on the back girl photo with and without acne on the back
  1. Regular processing problem areas with hydrogen peroxide (need to use a three-percent solution);
  2. Salt and herbal baths.For such procedures, it is necessary to prepare a decoction of herbs (celandine, oak bark, succession, chamomile) and sea salt;
  3. The pharmacy you can buy healing clay, mud algae from which to make masks for oily skin of the back;
  4. Enter some dietary restrictions: refuse to fatty and fried foods, reduce the amount of sweets-used;
  5. twice a day is necessary to wipe the acne infusion of marigold;
  6. Get rid of the stress effects, or at least reduce them to a minimum.

masks for acne and comedones on back home

Soda Mask

mask of sea salt and curative mud

Mask against acne on the back Photo girls who make a mask for acne on the back
  • Differin;
  • Zinerit;
  • Skinoren;
  • Baziron;
  • Kuriozin;
  • Rietinovaya ointment.

Video: Getting rid of acne on the back