Why do I have the best and one

Why am I alone I have long learned to forgive betrayal and see the lie in the words of the people.I have long since become a strong and independent.I do not need love!In fact, whatever you said to yourself, whatever you justify his loneliness, hiding him for such big words as "self-sufficiency", "independence" and "freedom", it is easier this way does not become.And many wonder why I'm alone and I do not have the man she loved, like my friends.

tips, how to cope with loneliness and find a man

Watch your appearance

The girl was crying from loneliness As you know, men like wearing tasteful and tidy girl that can become more feminine.As much as it may sound dramatically, but no one will consider your delightful inner world of unwashed hair, dirty fingernails and second-hand clothes.So watch your appearance is necessary.It is not necessary to give a lot of money, spending hours in beauty salons and buying only designer clothes.

to communicate with peopl
e, not repel them

raise their level of development

Lonely girl You should be able to communicate with people, to know good manners and to be an interesting conversationalist.We know the wise words: "Meet on clothes greeted and escorted to the mind," valuable advice.Even if you will have a flawless appearance, and you would be "an empty shell" that nothing good it will not.This tactic will not help you build a serious long term relationship.For others - that we do not need.Therefore, to raise the level of education: to read books every day Learn, discover something new, to visit exhibitions, museums and other cultural activities.It is necessary!It is important to not only pleasant to look at you, and talk to you on miscellaneous topics.We must make the most of all to draw the attention of the guy if he likes, and make everything right.

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