Pros and cons of tape hair extensions


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Materials
  • procedure
  • Price Review

Advantages and disadvantages

  1. Difficulties in retirement.Tapes tend to break away from the scalp because of the balms and improper washing.It is very important to consult with the master before the procedure;
  2. probability of loss of extension curls.They combed out much, even when using a comb with wide teeth;
  3. can not do some hairstyles.In particular, the high tail, certain types of weaving;
  4. Incorrect care near the tapes to the adhesive layer accumulate both natural and Naroscheny locks.Of these nodules are formed that when removing or trimming a correction is necessary.So you can lose up to 30% of its own locks.
  1. rapidity of the procedure;
  2. It can be done on the weak and damaged locks.The session is conducted "cold" technique, ie. E. Without heating the capsule and roots, while not used in the Italian loose curls;
  3. available.Price technology almost 50% lower than with the capsules;
  4. lasting effect.If you properl
    y care for themselves, then the effect will continue until the year.


Horizontal parting Photo - Horizontal parting Horizontal parting Photo - Horizontal parting


  1. kit Hair Talk includes 40 bands, the width of each of 4 centimeters and a thickness of 8 mm.Thus, the same mark can be carried out so-called buildup mikrolentochnoe where the strip thickness up to 5 mm.This method is used for short pryadok (bob, bob haircut French);
  2. Natural hair washed, combed and carefully dried.It is important not to use balms and masks - they can affect the ability of an adhesive tape adhesive;
  3. curls combed, near the back of the head is horizontal parting.Scotch tape is stuck to the natural locks, departing from the roots of about 5 millimeters.Adhered need to press the strip with little effort to feed well joined curls;
  4. Attaching pryadok made from the nape to the crown.Care should be taken evenly spaced bands, or hairstyle will look unnatural;
  5. first few days it is impossible to wash the head, but due to the large number of artificial bands it will not be noticeable.
Application locks Photo - Drawing strands Before and after extension Photos - Before and after the increase in prices


City cost have.e. City cost have.e.
Moscow 50 Lipetsk 45
Almaty 46 Minsk 50
Belgorod 45 Nizhny Novgorod 46
Vladivostok 46 Novosibirsk 46
Voronezh 46 Odessa 48
Donetsk 46 Perm 45
Yekaterinburg 48 St..Petersburg 50
Kazan 46 Rostov-on-Don 48
Kiev 50 Samara 46
Krasnodar 48 Saratov 46
Krasnoyarsk 46 Simferopol 50
Kursk 45 Khabarovsk 45
Chelyabinsk 45 Kharkiv 46

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