Style Boho clothing

Boho Style

history antiglamur

  • layered top and basic clothing: curvy pants and skirts, dresses, coats, blouses and even parks;
  • the most expensive in the image - this or shoes, or accessories;
  • no synthetics, no cheap substitutes for fabrics, all quite expensive, and completely natural;
  • full confrontation with modern fashion trends, the denial of any trends, trends, and other things.

Create bohemian style

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  • scrapes;
  • presence of mixing of textures;
  • many pockets, zippers;
  • obligatory long handle;
  • unusual style, or color print.
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Make yourself at clothes patterns

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Bohemian style and interior

  • numerous cushions;
  • presence in the same room of things from different styles: a baroque chair, surreal paintings, Persian carpets and handmade items;
  • variety of tables, coffee tables, dressers and chests;
  • bright colors, colorful prints.
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