How to choose a fur hat and a mink

Selecting Caps In the cold season to go out without a hat is very undesirable.In this article we will explain how to choose a hat for the shape of the face and the girl child, and how to balance a woman's robe.
  • Hat and face shape
  • Video: fashion choice caps
  • Choice hats for hair color
  • How to choose a winter hat and what her wearing
  • We select Beanie baby

Hat and face shape

Caps for oval faces Photo - Caps for ovalFace Hats for the triangular faces Photo - Hats for triangular face Caps for round face Photo - Caps for round face Caps for square face Photo - Caps for square face

Choice hats for hair color brown-haired

  • to face - copper, chocolate, black, blue shades;
  • for natural light-colored hair and blonde dyed suit - gray, black, pink, blue;
  • brunettes are to face maroon, blue, red;
  • for red suit girls - green, brown, gold, yellow.
Knitted caps short Photo - Knitted short hats

How to choose a winter hat and what her wearing

Romantic hats Photo - Romantic hats
  • suitable color or even shade (if you choose the model contrast, it is necessary to pick up her scarf);
  • to down jackets or winter jackets, you can select a
    nd sporty model, possibly with interesting pictures - kamea, Voriks and others.
Stylish hats Photo - Stylish hats
  • fur should not be easy to break and move away from the tissue - is a sign of poor workmanship;
  • very important length fur fur quality of mink, polar fox, fox, Mouton (sheepskin), fox, raccoon and beaver must have the same length of the candle - it is a sign of authenticity;
  • if you choose a male mink hat, look for the interior trim, male hair coarser than women, shaped side should be made of more durable materials - silk, knitwear, sheared fur.
Fur hats Photo - Fur hats

We select Beanie baby

Hats with ears Photo - Hats with ears
  • if you want to buy an expensive, say nerpovuyu or muskrat fur cap, but funds are limited - buy a rabbit, it is not worse than the other furs, but much cheaper;
  • to avoid scratching the forehead under a knitted hat - do not lift a bang;
  • spring model can also be selected from the fur, but rather decorated them, rather than completely made of this material.
Knitted hats Photo - Knitted hats