White, red and beige shoes with low heels

Colored shoes Look for the best option of shoes for the walk, work, or a date?This low-heeled shoes, they fit virtually any outfit, and above all are comfortable while wearing.
  • Forms shoes
  • From what to wear low shoes
  • for whom these shoes
  • talk about trends
  • Video: what are the unusual shoes

Forms shoes

  • stylish summer "Gladiator" with lacing and with strap;
  • as they say the Chinese boat with a fish head or open his nose;
  • wedding shoes with low heels (can be both white and any other color, for example red or beige);
  • closed shoes with a heel of the "shot of";
  • autumn shoes, British, Oxford or Laufer lace;
  • winter boots at low speed;
  • closed ballerina.
Beige shoes Photo - Beige shoes
  • leather shoes;
  • stylish suede model;
  • not very expensive shoes from kozh.zama;
  • tissue (eg, trend Pakerson from Italy).
Bright shoes with a small heel Photo - Bright shoes with a small heel

From what to wear low shoes

Stylish shoes on a small heel Photo - Stylish shoes on a small heel
Shoes well-known brands Photo - Shoes famous brands

for whom these shoes

Black shoes Photo - Black shoes

talk about trends

  • school to buy expensive shoes does not make sense, children are growing rapidly and the shoes are not enough a month;
  • brand shoes, soft and quality guaranteed;
  • many firms (Nude, tamaris, TERVOLINA) give a guarantee on their products, which is often necessary.
Wedding shoes with low heels Photography - wedding shoes with low heels Brown shoes Photo - Brown shoes
  • buying shoes in the fall, it is better to take the classic versions: brown, black or gray.This season also trending silver;
  • spring - time of flowering, the best option would be bright orange and all shades of green;
  • work shoes at low or flat heels - a first, rigor, these photos can be found in many catalogs of online stores;
  • before ordering shoes (if you are using online shopping service) is very important to remove the size.You need to hold two parallel lines of the big toe and the heel, and measure the distance between them.Based on these figures, you can see your exact size.Consider China, Russia, Ukraine and Europe differ on the size of the name, be careful;
  • fashion - fickle lady.Choose shoes are not for one year, picking up shoes for a party, provides for their further toe and did not immediately respond to the appeal.