From what to wear a long skirt?

From what to wear long skirts For the second season in a row the length maxi at the peak of popularity.To look stylish and impressive to know how and what to wear a long skirt to hide her figure flaws and stressed its advantages.Types

long skirts

  1. pleated skirts.
  2. Skirts with average, minimum and maximum volume.
  3. Overlying maxi, especially in the winter look cool if choose the right coat.
  4. Maxi-skirt with an extension to the bottom, which will encircle the waist.These models are the most feminine look and are appropriate in any situation.
Fine long skirt
  • bustier tops;
  • shirts with lacing on the bottom of the waist;
  • tops, camisole;
  • elongated T-shirts are not collected on a belt.
Running lengths of skirts

Long skirts and figure types

Long skirt at a fashion show
  1. on any figure more advantageous and look spectacular skirt made of light, flowing fabrics and subtle, say, chiffon, especially in summer.This material helps to give the image of grace and playfulness.In the case of an image on a beach party for such fabrics can select any swimsuit style and color.
  2. It is important to remembe
    : long skirt - high heel, and the longer the skirt - the higher the climb.
  3. to create the visual effect of long legs and slender waist need to choose shoes from the same color palette as the skirt.In winter you can combine silk skirt with high boots, boots.
  4. To hide heavy hips or emphasize the waistline need to raise the level as high as possible belt waist.Do not forget about heels and platforms.Departing from this rule may only very tall and thin ladies.
  5. Owners big bust, and small stature can wear a maxi length and Cardigan to the hips.This combination ironed very original.
  6. top and bottom should ideally be combined, otherwise you run the risk of becoming like the famous "a woman on the teapot."Tight skirt "dilute" lace top in tone, create contrasts.
  7. Remember that the types of women's panties, too, must be picked up correctly, you need to be not only comfortable, but also invisible under clothing.

From what to wear a long skirt

Long skirts in bright colors
Depending on the style, you can combine the element of clothes and coats and jackets.Hippie girl and in kind, prone to extravagant style of dress should try to put on a long white skirt with light jeans and knitted top, or to choose the right jeans and knitted top, as one of the options.Collection of long skirts

What kind of shoes to choose a maxi

Girls in bright long skirts

range of accessories - to be or not to be

Celebrities in long skirts Black and white long skirts