Blue clay of cellulite: homemade recipes wraps

Blue clay to blue girl means to care for themselves, which contain mineral components, are especially valuable.Due to the abrasive structure, they help cleanse the skin without additional operations and the minerals themselves improve blood circulation.Blue clay of cellulite - it is a means-tested by generations of women.How useful

blue clay

Application clay cellulite

Blue clay cellulite The most important thing is our weapon - is the temperature.At high degrees of accelerating blood circulation, fatty plaques are picked up and removed it because of the excretory system through the intestine, open the pores on the skin, with sweat.Therefore it is necessary to make regular anti-cellulite body wraps.For one procedure is necessary to prepare:
  • special or plastic wrap;
  • thick cloth (you can take a towel);
  • required amount of clay (for certain areas).

Massage blue clay

Massage with blue clay Photo: Massage blue clay
  • Valdai clay;
  • whipped egg yolk;
  • cream or fat sour cream or cream bodycare.

Baths of blue clay

Clay baths Photo: Girl taking mud baths

Contraindications procedures

Wrapping with blue clay clay Blue clay cellulite has virtually no drawbacks.It is ideal to fight stretch marks, pimples or acne.But there are some caveats:
  • like chocolate wrap, blue clay is not used during pregnancy of cellulite and stretch marks, because of the high temperatures;
  • not recommended the use of hot baths and wraps high blood pressure;
  • people with diseases of the skin can use these recipes only after consultation with the doctor;
  • if open wounds on the body, it is better to wait a bit.