Chocolate wrap at home - contraindications, benefits, photos

Chocolate wrap Girls want to beat cellulite?Then run to the store for chocolates.But, unfortunately, we do not eat we will, we will do something more interesting - chocolate body wrap at home.These sweets are not only help us during the depression, but also perfectly tighten the skin and help improve blood circulation.

Use chocolate

  1. In natural cocoa powder has a vitamin E, which has a beneficial effect on the skin: it tightens, removes edema, very good for the hair;
  2. Antioxidants are also present, to help rid the body of harmful substances, radionuclides and toxins;
  3. Chocolate promotes active development of "hormone of love".According to legend, Casanova himself used this method myself have not tried, but the reviews are encouraging.

How to make the most wrapping

Classic version

Girl in chocolate Photo: Girl in chocolate

Ginger and chocolate

Algae and chocolate


  1. Pregnancy is a categorical factor abstinence t.k.shokoladnoe hot wrap can causepremature contractions that can harm the expectant mother an
    d the child;

    The process of applying chocolate wraps Photo: the process of applying chocolate wraps

  2. If a person is allergic to chocolate, it can not be used in any way, both internally and externally;
  3. is not recommended to wrap chocolate during lactation;
  4. can not do any wrapping, if the body of a wound or inflammation;
  5. People who can not tolerate high temperatures, are also at risk;
  6. can not turn around, or hot chocolate to lose weight in the sauna for acute hypertension.

procedures in beauty salons

  • skin preparation;
  • wrap;
  • relax.
Chocolate wrap in the cabin Photo: chocolate wrap the cabin