Turpentine baths Zalmanova slimming

Turpentine baths slimming In order to get rid of cellulite and extra kilos girls are ready for more: go under the knife for months to sit on a diet for a flat stomach and harass a gym, but in the last century, the famous scientist Zalmanov suggested using turpentine baths slimming.It is very effective, but quite specific means.

Types of turpentine and bath treatments

Turpentine baths at home

  1. exacerbation of skin disease;

    Turpentine baths Photo: turpentine baths

  2. during pregnancy and lactation;
  3. Ischemia;
  4. Hypertension;
  5. cancer;
  6. Tuberculosis;
  7. arrhythmia of the heart muscle.
  1. Castor oil (20%);
  2. Oleic acid (15%);
  3. turpentine oil (50%);
  4. dioxide solution (5%);
  5. willow bark extract (10%).
  1. Salicylic acid (10%);
  2. turpentine oil (50%);
  3. Baby soap (30%);
  4. Camphor (10%).

How to take turpentine baths

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