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Breathing exercises for weight loss In order to lose weight, the girls are ready to practically all: exercise, diet, meditation, and so on.But the result sought is not everything, and sometimes you want to give up.Breathing exercises for weight loss helps to cope with the stresses of everyday life, lead to normal weight and learn how to manage the resources of the body, but how it works, they know not all.
  1. Breathing Malakhov.
  2. Bormentala method.
  3. Bodyflex.
  4. Pilates.
  5. Oksisayz.
  6. Dzyanfey.
  7. Methods Kurbatov.

Breathing exercises for weight loss: the dignity of the method

She breathes breast
  1. immediately felt a surge of strength and energy.
  2. Every cell in the body receives the necessary oxygen supply.
  3. strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries.
  4. normalizes metabolism and gastrointestinal tract.
  5. body itself begins to put out waste products, toxins and radionuclides, because most harmful substances - gases.
  6. strengthens the immune system.
  7. even lose weight with water is much easier when you use the correct breathing exercises.

Tszyanfey - greetings from the East

Exercise "Lotus»

Girls doing breathing exercises Photo: Girl doing breathing exercises

Exercise "Wave»

Position the chest and abdomen during breathing exercises Photo: position the chest and abdomen during breathing exercises

Pose "Frog»

  1. Betweenmenstruation, especially if there is pain during menstruation, this exercise is recommended to be replaced with "Lotus".
  2. In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, oxygen content of the stomach should not happen completely, and 80%.If
  3. started dizzy, do not open your eyes.Massage the head a few minutes, then gently inhale.

Bodyflex slimming

  • all citrus fruits: kiwi, pineapple, orange, mandarin, grapefruit.
  • Favorite all-berry raspberries and strawberries.They not only help burn the extra weight, but also strengthen the immune system.
  • Cherry speeds up the metabolism and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Breathing exercises for weight loss Strelnik