How to lose weight with the help of the hoop

How to lose weight with the help of the hoop women are always interested in methods for rapid and effective weight loss.Some people prefer to lose weight in the sauna, jogging or using the gym, others take pills.But there is an alternative - you can lose weight with the help of the hoop and without dieting.All very simple, this type of weight loss is based on two golden rules: twist wrap and eat right.

The variety of hoops, and their purpose

  1. Gymnastics.Helps to strengthen the muscles and skin tightening.
  2. Massage.With the balls on the inner side of the hoop.Designed to reduce the waist and massage problem areas.But we must be prepared for the fact that the first time I will bruise.
  3. Weighted hula-hoop.To achieve particularly rapid results.The design is the same as that of the massage, but the ball inside the filled material, giving them a greater weight.
  4. usual.The most accessible and less effective.The weight of a small and a correspondingly smaller effect of exercise.
  5. Folding.Also not particularly weight and efficiency, but beneficial empti
    ness inside.It is possible to reduce the diameter of the hoop, to burden himself.
  6. Flexible hula-hoop.Excellent tool, not only for the waist and problem areas, but also for calves.It can be used as a spring training.

How to lose weight?Practical advice

Examples of exercises

Lose Weight with a hoop Feet shoulder width apart, take a deep breath, exhale.Tighten your abdominal muscles and grab a hula-hoop.Starting rotation.Muscles under stress need to keep all the training, otherwise the result will not be quick.Ten minutes hoop twist to one side, ten in another.This is very important if to twist hula-hoop all the time in one direction, then kick the massage tool will account for only one side, that eventually will make one side of the waist visually less than the second.

How to organize the process?

  1. pain during menstruation and the entire period of menstruation.
  2. Age over 45 years.
  3. Hypertension.
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Chronic diseases of the abdominal cavity.
  6. kidney disease.

How to eat during class hoop

Wrap Slimming Avoid high-calorie foods, pastries and confectionery are not allowed.You should not eat before going to bed, your last meal should be no later than three hours before the rest.Drink plenty of fluids, classes with the hoop stimulates the excretory functions of the body, due to strong blood circulation, so it is possible to lose weight with water and training with hoop.

few rules of good nutrition:

  • Vegetables and fruits we eat separately.
  • not mix cereals and legumes.
  • not drink flour.
  • not drink before and during the meal.
  • do not eat that combines the dough and animal proteins.
  • uses a lot of greens.

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