How to lose weight with the sauna

Lose weight in the sauna Orderly want to be everything and more than half of people dream of doing nothing in this case.I want to live normally, eat normally, as always, and look stunning!There is a solution - a sauna or in a common - room.This is perfect, so how to lose weight in the sauna, take a minimum of effort and there is still no physical activity.You bathing, and the process of the host itself is doing its work.

Sauna slimming.What it gives?

8 secrets to lose weight in the sauna

  1. Before going to the sauna, it is necessary to eat a little, in any case, can not be an empty stomach.Many fruits contribute to weight loss.
  2. to choose effective weight loss Finnish sauna, as it is based on dry air.If wet filter, for example, Russian bath, the effect will be less due to the fact that there is no desired sweating our body.
  3. Being in the steam room is not more than 10 minutes, it is imperative that the body does not have the extra load.It is better to alternate 15 minute breaks between treatments.
  4. During a break drinking p
    lain water or a diuretic teas.You can combine the two methods at once: to lose weight with water and saunas.The temperature should not be cold, otherwise it will only linger water.
  5. Climb up the shelves should be gradual;First, choose the lower, and after a few visits rises to the top.
  6. Use special tools for weight loss in problem areas such as anti-cellulite masks and scrubs, peels.
  7. If possible, during the break, to massage the body.
  8. Obvёrtyvanie increases result.Spread the honey problem areas and wrap a plastic bag.Suffice it to 1-2 visits and you should see results.
How to lose weight in the sauna Photo: woman loses weight in the sauna
  • sauna 1 time per week.
  • In the steam room is better to take a lying position, get plenty of rest.
  • Do not abruptly get up and make sudden movements.
  • Use hat hair or Bundle them in a towel.
  • after taking a shower in warm water only, cold can cause heart problems.A dip before entering the body of water without using soap.
  • If you do sports in passing, that would be perfect then immediately go to the bath or sauna.