PMS. Many girls are jealous of those who do not know what PMS.All of it is manifested in different ways, regardless of age, complexion and other physiological characteristics.Some feel weakness, drowsiness, fatigue.Others - headaches, nagging pain during menstruation, dizziness.Still others suffer psychological disorders such as irritability, psychosis, hysteria, crying.The fourth category is ready to eat all that is in the refrigerator, sometimes indiscriminately.While most women suffering from all these symptoms at once.

causes of hunger during the premenstrual syndrome

There are many before menstruation Since the beginning of the second phase of the level of estrogen in the body decreases and progesterone begins to stand out, which changes our good mood reversed.Hence the change of mood and increased appetite and malaise.Premenstrual cycle there is a second phase of the cycle.

How you can still control the feeling of hunger before menstruation?

  • How not to get fat before menstruation The first is a light diet.This limitation of coffee, sugar, animal fats, flour and sweet
    .This should be increased in the diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals (oats, buckwheat), bread from wheat flour.
  • Second is to get positive emotions, but not to eat!It can be sports, is also useful swimming, going out with friends and other pleasures that allow your body to increase the production of endorphins, hormones are the same joy that compensate for the lack of estrogen during this period.
  • Remember that a few days after the onset of menstruation, the fluid level in your body is normalized.Do not forget to stick to a healthy diet.It will help you relieve premenstrual symptoms in the future.

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