Dried up ink than dilute


  • Proven ways to dilute the carcass
  • Purchased drugs to dilute mascara
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  • The diluted resistant ink

Proven ways to dilute the carcass

  • water - this habitatMany microorganisms which are under a constant room temperature, are the causes of many diseases ranging from conjunctivitis and ending barley;
  • difficult to guess the dosage, and sometimes very thick mascara instead we get too liquid is not suitable for use;
  • water promotes the formation of lumps;
  • this liquid evaporates very quickly after the ink becomes more dense.

Purchased drugs to dilute mascara

  • it quickly evaporates faster than water;
  • possible negative reaction of the eyes, redness and itching;
  • often lashes dry and begin to fall, and there will have serious systemic treatment includes not only the burdock oil, but also purchased medicines for the growth of eyelashes.
  • if the ink is too thick (but not dry), drip into it a drop of boiled water mixed with "Visine" and mix it with t
    he brush;
  • not dilute mascara more often than once a month, that you will increase the guarantee of a healthy use of cosmetics, and will monitor its lifetime;
  • before you look for, how to dilute the ink, if it is dried up, read its composition.Let's say Bourgeois or Yves Saint Laurent (ysl) cosmetic products contain natural ingredients, so that it was not used for breeding - this could cause significant damage to expensive cosmetics.

The diluted resistant ink

Old mascara Photo - Old ink
  • saliva.Yes, and comes to this, but we must always remember that a number of microbes contained in our mouth, and they are not always friendly to other mucous membranes;
  • sometimes try to refresh the ink dried up oil, for example, cosmetic, castor, olive and others.In this case, hammered the roots of eyelashes and barley is formed;
  • before dilute mascara cologne or perfume simple, consult with a specialist, it is very likely a severe allergic reaction, until the temporary loss of vision.