Blush in the balls Avon, avon glow, Oriflame, Guerlain, Chanel, and other Divazh


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Review marks

  • cosmetics in the beads are not rolled on the face and applied uniformly, it is very convenient application;
  • extensive choice of colors and color combinations;by the way, to combine several multi-colored round particles to obtain the desired tone blush much easier than working with powder materials;
  • not need a plug-in;
  • always sold in a compact package;
  • like a shadow and powder, blush can repel the light, so do face much fresher and younger.
Mark cost in rubles (approximate) Note
Malva Blush Bronzing Pearls 200 quite affordable cosmetics, but not for its high quality.
Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 500 Elite brand, mainly produces blush for mature skin.
Cherie Ma Cherie 300 works great if you need to cover up pimples and other minor skin imperfections.
Christian Dior Blusher face pearls 700 Dior - is not only a world-famous name, but also high-quality cosmetics.
DIVAGE Perlamour 700 Divazh for those for whom the wide palette is extremely important.
Bronze Goddess Bronzing Pearls by Estee Laude 700 Bronze is made especially for dark-skinned women or those trying to achieve this effect.
Givenchy PRISME AGAIN EYESBLUSH 800 Givenchy - quality, proven by many, but is primarily intended for mature skin.
Lancome Maqufinish 500 any directory Lancome will see the production.
flormar 300 shadow and blush are very popular with women who do not like to overpay for the brand.
MaxFactor Flawless Perfection Blush 700 Professional tool.
Ninelle Meteorites and ildebote (Ninel) 600 Ninelle - it's a good makeup in the beads (blush, powder and dry tone) for delicate skin.
Mirra lux 600 Mirra Lux still not popular in our country, but it is still a very high-quality blush.
Oriflame Giordani Gold Premium (gg) 500 into a ball powder and blush Oriflame premium giordani gold (Giordani Gold) enough quality and affordable, say much cheaper givenchy or guerlain.
Faberlic Illuminating beads 400 Faberlik known for its sebum-absorbing qualities.
Helena Rubinstein 500 hypoallergenic cosmetics sold directly with a brush made of natural fibers.
Vivienne sabo 500 Vivien Szabo - a wonderful cosmetics for light skin.
chanel vitalumiere 700 There are totally different natural shades.
merlin Alix avien Pearl drops 600 Highly recommended for oily skin.
mac 700 Professional cosmetics with good components.
Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 600 If you need a shine - then choose this brand.
RENI Visage 500 Cheap and cheerful, good quality for the money, in addition to easily buy.
Délices pour cils 500 Any tone will provide shine and light reflection.
Relouis Silk Touch 600 As the name implies, a very nice formula, gentle enough to feel the dermis.
Relu elite 600 yet can only be ordered via the Internet
Ruby Rose 400 Cosmetics, which is already known for many years as one of the most affordable.
Art Visage 600 wide range of colors, you can find any color, even blue blush!
Navel ball 500 lot of bright colors, pink, burgundy and cherry as well.
Avon Color 500 quality and harmless blush Avon (avon) can be bought in any city in the consultant (on sale there was a set).
Golden Rose 600 Golden Rose is not only very high quality, but also quite cheap cosmetics.
Yves Rocher 700 Natural components and easily removed from the dermis.
Mary Kay 600 soft texture and a fairly simple application.
Loreal 700 Manufacturer France, but it is composed of extracts from the Dead Sea (Israel), to help get rid of acne.
MejTan 600 Among all brands, this is probably the most bezizvestnaya.
Letual 500 quite affordable cosmetics.
Lauren 500 recommend to buy to try, how to apply blush and powder right into a ball.
Bourgeois 600 Expensive, but high quality.
YVES Saint Laurent ysl Sculpting Blus 700 Yves Saint Laurent - a well-known manufacturer of cosmetics, especially a beautiful shade at this brand - peach.

How to apply blush ball

Blush in the balls Photo - Blush in the balls
  1. Apply only on clean skin;Apply
  2. possible and sponge and brush (the second option is better);
  3. You have to compare, you will need some time to look for "their" make-up, so do not always give preference to products known firms;
  4. very important tsvetotip, carefully study the pictures in the catalog and ask for all the details of the consultant;