Matting facial tissues: a review of grades, where to buy


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How do matting napkin

Matting napkins and girl What is the napkin?A small piece of cloth or paper, which is impregnated with special solutions.Matting wet wipe is different from the usual presence of villi on their special ingredient that removes the shine of the skin, refreshing it and making it more velvety.With such tools, you can quickly fix make-up, make a face cleaner to create a matte effect on the dermis.It is worth noting that, perhaps, is the best remedy for skin care in the summer.Do

wipes his hands

  1. Paper towels;
  2. capacity for napkins;
  3. skin lotions;
  4. Boiled water;
  5. Liquid soap.
Matting wipes per pack paper towels cut in half, the two forms of the same roll.From midway of pulling the free end of roll, the roll is put in a container for future napkins.Now impregnation.It is necessary to mix water and flavorings (about them we did not write, but can take any aromatic oil of your choice, just a few drops), lotion, soa
p.We get very odorous liquid, which must be watered and our future napkins.We pour abundantly tried to involve all parties napkins.After the container is recommended to close and swipe a few minutes to shake apart.All are now ready for use.

Review marks

Mark Note
Artdeko like many cosmetics firms Artdeko, matting agents protivoallergeny and readily available as wipes and proofreaders for the eyes.
Matting wipes Shiseido (Shiseido) Producer - Japan, made from natural ingredients with extracts of exotic oriental plants.
Amway common in Europe, are made from natural and organic ingredients, there are several options to choose the size of napkins.
Letual available, not very large in size, but the quantity is considerably greater than that of other similar funds.
Mary Kay good makeup, of course, more expensive, but the quality is worth it.
Chanel (Chanel) Chanel - is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-grade perfumes and cosmetics, including matting agents.
Mac Excellent moisturizing and matting agents.
wipes matting I most Russian napkins, made in the city-hero of Moscow.High-quality, cheap.
Pupa (Pupa) quality in English, the price - domestic.Proven and very affordable.
Kanebo (Lanebo) matting, refresh and soothe the skin.
Sephora (Sefora) This firm produces matting agents, which are made of natural ingredients and extracts.
Body Shop (Body Shop) not the most popular, although some of the best.
Clinic (Clinic) Clinique designed for mature skin, they not only cleanse the pores, and moisturize the dermis, give a feeling of freshness and youth.
Mirra Mirra suite - good towels, which can both be bought in the store cosmetics and ordered on the official website of the company.
Oriflame Like Avon - swipe this company are available and inexpensive.
Kracie relates to a drug, look for them at the pharmacy.
Avon American cosmetics available, matting agents Avon (napkins, proofreaders) easy to buy from an independent agent.
Nivea (Nivea) Moisturize, matting, give the dermis feeling of luxury and velvet.
Rive Gauche matting napkin Dear, it is very popular and extremely effective.
Bon Voyage best for travelers.Convenient packaging and affordable price.
Matt-balance name of this cosmetics speaks for itself.It keeps the water balance of the dermis, and this helps the skin to resist external adverse factors.
Essence About matting Wipes Essence very good reviews, the effect persists after them a few hours after application.
Skinlayt popular, cheap, good ground dull and refresh the face and neck.
Missha In Russia this brand to buy them only in specialized shops, Ukraine has so far these tools can be ordered only from the site of the company.
Katani created using natural ingredients, including various medicinal plant extracts.
Cuetta good makeup, of course, more expensive, but the quality is worth it.Excellent fills imperfections on the face, the effect is the same as after using the cream around the eyes.
Knicks good, but only refresh the face, do not give the skin matte.
Vichy good remedy for oily and combination skin.
Matting wipes Cettua gives dullness and velvety skin, freshen.
Il De Bote Expensive cosmetics premium.
Napkins from Borzhua French company that manufactures high-quality care for themselves.
Qvs very popular tissues, especially in professional circles, make-up artists and photographers.
  1. Pharmacy;
  2. Shop cosmetics;
  3. store certain cosmetics company (you can take the goods in bulk, which is much cheaper);
  4. In small towns (Omsk, Kaliningrad) are unlikely to find a genuine Chanel products or clinic, so you can order it on iherb.
  5. Visit the forum with the same interests, and learn about where the place of sale in the city (whether Minsk or Kiev - women everywhere share the secrets of her beauty).

Closing remarks

  1. They are small and fit into any handbag;
  2. not aggravate the skin, not clog pores;
  3. The majority of hypoallergenic products on the market;
  4. no skin will be formed after the long divorce parties or splashing.