Concealer Eye: A review of the best brands, where to buy cheaper


  • We select concealer
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  • How to choose
  • Apply concealer under the eyes
Eye Concealer concealer to the skin around the eyes - a foundation which is used to achieve a perfectly flatskin near eyes.This is especially important for girls, who are familiar with the dark circles under the eyes.Depending on the type of concealer changing the principle of its application and the application of makeup.With this make-up tool, you can visually enlarge the eyes and make expressive look and shine.

We select concealer

circles under the eyes Concealer
bluish circles from lack of sleep will help peach color, it balances the skin tones.
Pinkish circles rescued yellow concealer, if the skin is very light - it is possible with a slight golden tinge.
Dark circles Peach and orange konsillery.
To make the eyes shine light color, ivory or beige sand.
Palette eye concealer The structure concealers are:
  1. Liquid (creamy);
  2. Dry (as powder or blush, powder).

How to choose

Mark Price concealer eye Note
Oriflame 400 p. Cheap concealer to the eye.There are many different shades, including reflective, and pearl.
Vivien Szabo 600 p. unfamiliar to many firms, it is more common in Europe than we have at home.Moscow boasts only one store of cosmetics (Kiev, in turn, is that he was no formal European network of stores).
Shiseido 1500 r. Country of origin - Japan, made of natural ingredients, hypoallergenic.
Armani 2500 r. though expensive, but very good cosmetics, which helps get rid of wrinkles, mask defects, some means for creating the effect of blepharoplasty eyelids.
Artdeco (Ardeko) 600 p. budget cosmetics, a variety of colors, have waterproof sresdtva.
Chanel 2000 r. Concealer luxury.The price is high, but the quality speaks for itself, and perfectly to go to dry skin, and mature.
Garnier & gt; 1000 r.If study ranking means to conceal skin imperfections, Garnier is in the top ten beauty industry.
From Avon 600 p. company Avon concealer offers to buy inexpensive, but very good for wrinkles around the eyes.
Bremani 700 p. good cosmetics, and the price is quite reasonable.
Lumene (Lumen) 1000 r. Forum dedicated to beauty, highly praised this facility.Through reflective particles of it can be visually rejuvenate.
Clinique 1500 r. developed under the eyes to dry skin, mainly used to mask wrinkles and age spots.
Faberlik 1100 p. relatively inexpensive, but very high quality.
Carita 1000 r. Available concealer.
Garlen 1000 r. good cosmetics, hypoallergenic.
Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) 2500 r. Pretty well-known French cosmetics company.This waterproof concealer, many colors for all skin types.Allowed to use it after a chemical peel.
Mac (Mac) 1500 r. Excellent tool for giving freshness and expressiveness of the eyes.
Bobbi Brown (Bobbi Brown) 2000 r. expensive, but incredibly good.It hides flaws, moisturizes the skin, keeps the water balance of the eye.
Max Factor (Max Factor) 1100 p. Max Factor though expensive concealer, but it moisturizes.Ienot only visually improves skin condition, but also treats it.
Dior (Dior) 2500 r. Expensive, but high quality cosmetics, buy a concealer to the eye Dior can only be in a specialty store, or on the official website.
Estee Lauder 1500 r. It's not just the proof-reader, and the cream of wrinkles around the eyes with a certain shade.Suggesting this means girls who just do not have time to use the popular recipes to preserve its beauty.
Loreal 1000 r. good makeup, nice price.
Letual 500 p. accessible and popular cosmetics to camouflage skin imperfections.
Maestro Eraser 1000 r. good imported cosmetics, it is better to buy in specialized stores.
Rive Gauche 2000 r. buy cosmetics of the firm only in specialty stores, a lot of fakes.Yet to find the means of this mark on the official site.
Meybelin 1100 p. Very gentle proofreader, one of the few who are allowed to use after laser resurfacing of the face.
Mary Kay 1500 r. Excellent cosmetics for women aged.
Q10 1100 p. Cosmetics after 40, the corrector is designed to hide the age and facial wrinkles.
Essence 1200 r. quality and popular.
Lancome 1500 r. One of the best manufacturers of concealers.
Bourgeois 1100 p. good cosmetics, and the price is quite reasonable.
Mallow 500 p. Another company that produces cosmetics budget.
Yves Rocher 1500 r. quality and relatively inexpensive anti-aging cosmetics funds will help hide the flaws of mature skin.The range can be selected foundation, concealer for face and eye lotions for mature skin and many more.
Navel 300 p. Cheap corrector German company.Cosmetics of the company is primarily intended only to mask minor defects of the skin: light dark shade under the eyes, or to make the eyes shine.
Benefit 500 p. accessible and popular cosmetics to camouflage skin imperfections.

Apply concealer under the eyes

Applying concealer eye konsillerom How to use?It's much easier than it seems.Under the eye directly on dark circles and to the wings of the nose to put the means of points.Now most responsible - shading.Never shade cold hands, arms, or heat, or running a special brush.You do not need much to rub concealer, quite a few light movements that will hide all the flaws of the skin.One secret: do not apply konsiller separately from the foundation.