Anti-aging cosmetics after 40, 50 and 60 years


  • The principle of anti-aging cosmetics
  • Video: How to stop aging
  • kinds of cosmetics against wrinkles
  • What better cosmetics (Table)

The principle of anti-aging cosmetics

Woman with aging skin Why do wrinkles appear?The root cause is the lack of collagen in the epidermis.This substance, which retains moisture in the skin, due to what it looks smooth and shiny.Collagen is produced under a certain age hormonal glands, and then just starts to fade.In many ways to accelerate the process of consumption may be the following factors:
  1. Lifestyle (poor sleep, poor nutrition);
  2. Wrong personal care (washing with hot water, incorrect foundation and other cosmetics);
  3. Bad habits (such as smoking);
  4. bad ecology (especially true for residents of big cities);
  5. emotional outbursts (frequent stress, depression, etc.).

kinds of cosmetics against wrinkles

Manifestation of facial wrinkles Anti-aging cosmetics is of several types:
  1. natural (here include masks wrinkles, folk remedies);
  2. professional anti-aging (cosmetics production is well-known pharm
    aceutical companies);
  3. nanokosmetika (the last word of the beauty industry, cosmetics, which produces the effect of mesotherapy without acupuncture);
  4. means domestic consumption (for anti-aging cosmetics have in mind not only drugs, but also internal, such as the database "Herbalife" and others).
  1. Proceeds from the wrinkles on the face In 30 years, care should be gentle.IeIt would be sufficient to maintain the desired level of collagen just use a special anti-aging cream (night and day), and less sun (ultraviolet - is the first enemy of beautiful skin).As an alternative to professional tools are the kefir mask;
  2. one cream in 35 years will not be enough.Now you need to take care more seriously and use the facilities.For example, in the home range of well-proven by the US company Amway «Artistry», the cosmetics created using natural ingredients.
  3. Means for skin after 50 and after 60 already have some other principle, than the above cream.They were not designed to support collagen, and his full recovery.Of course, we can not say that this is a panacea, and after such a person completely smoothed cream, but some wrinkles become noticeably smaller.

What better cosmetics (Table)

name Country of origin Note
Oriflame Sweden accessible and popular Swedish cosmetics company.The basis of extracts of rare plants and clean water from mountain springs.
Mary Kay France company founded by women for women.Designed with all the age characteristics of the dermis of the beautiful half of humanity.Products can pick up not only by the age limit, but also on the skin type.
Lierac France Lierak - a very popular cosmetics in Europe.Unfortunately, these products are often counterfeited and therefore it is advisable to buy directly from the manufacturer using the official website of the company.
Faberlic France French cosmetics Faberlic is known for its anti-wrinkle agents.The most popular is a special anti-aging serum that is used to bezinektsionnoy mesotherapy.
Olay 45+ Anti-aging agents produced by the American company Avon.It is available, the catalog can be obtained from an independent agent.And, if to become a distributor of Avon, it will be possible to order products of this brand at a discount.
Armani France If anti-aging cosmetics divided by brand, the Armani is the second highest cost after Dior.This company produces very high quality means of wrinkles, but the price them accordingly.
Dr. Miralles Excellent cosmetics after 50. It helps to restore the proper balance of collagen and smooth not very deep wrinkles.
Chanel France quality French cosmetics Shenel produced for about half a century, is distinguished by its hypoallergenic.
Aroma Israel Israel In the domestic market are not so many cosmetic products from Israel.The basis of these drugs include therapeutic Dead Sea salt.
Dr. Nona America This is a new drug on the market.The main difference is that the basis of all funds is an extract of exotic plants - Nona, which grows only in Malaysia.It is recommended to use the complex, which consists of a dedicated beverage, creams and lotions for the skin.
Eukerin Greece Excellent Greek cosmetics with extracts of olive trees and exotic fruits.Before use, be sure to test for allergies in mind the presence of a composition of unusual for us fruit components.
Dermofil France Very good budget cosmetics worthy analogue of the well-known European brand means that not everyone is available.
Guerlain Production Germany German thoroughness and accuracy was the key to the quality of the cosmetics.It is recommended to use 25 years, but you need to choose the right tools category.
Oasics Japan Pharmacy cosmetics stores we find it practically, these funds are curative.In addition to lotions and creams can also be found whitening mask production of this company, and means of caring for the body.
Pure line Russia Russian cosmetics excellent quality.Very nice price, you can buy a set of tools.
Vitex Belarus Belarus Excellent cosmetics with a nice price.The main difference between these tools is that they are odorless.This testifies about their natural ingredients and modern production technology.
Dior France Perhaps this is the most expensive cosmetics against age-related changes of the face.Some funds use of hyaluronic acid.
Loreal France This is probably the most effective anti-wrinkle cosmetics.Composed of high-quality natural ingredients, extracts of rare herbs and vitamin complexes.
Vichy France remarkable anti-aging medical cosmetics.In the catalog you can find different creams for different skin types, lotions and serums.Not the cheapest, but one of the best for the person.
Yves Rocher France European extremely effective cosmetics.The eco-friendly vehicles are added Provence herbs and herbal teas.
Hundred Recipes Beauty Russia Another Russian company producing good cosmetics from natural ingredients.It should be noted that all funds are based on the popular beauty recipes.
Anti-aging cosmetics Rock France Roc - a company that has established itself as the best anti-aging cosmetics for women.Initially, the company and began as a developer of effective anti-wrinkle, the quality does not vary with age.
Gerantol not very expensive.But pretty effective cosmetics production of neighboring countries.In demand among women in Europe, it is of good quality products and nice price.