Useful products for liver


  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Meat and fish products
  • Video: food for liver
  • Drinks
  • Other products

Fresh fruits and vegetables

  1. melon, pumpkin and other melons .This group of vegetables is a natural source of magnesium, which helps the liver to restore its structure;
  2. green apples.They contain iron, potassium and magnesium, which are required for normal operation of "filter".They can be eaten fresh, boiled and baked form;
  3. brought red.This root helps the body cleanse in the vegetable contains betaine, it contributes to the normalization of the body;
  4. lettuce, parsley, dill and other herbs .If you regularly eat greenfinch, you can get rid of the bitter breath that occurs due to malfunctioning of the liver, and the pain in his side.Many herbs contain selenium, phosphorus, and iron;
  5. avocado .This overseas fruit is one of the most powerful media monosaturated fats, which restore the body cells, thus helping it to bind toxins in the group, which are easier to withdraw;
  6. Food for the liver color cabbage and broccoli can help increase the amount of glucosinolates in the circulatory system, up to the saturation of the liver.These natural substances help to get rid of carcinogens, "wrong" cells and other toxins that may be the cause of cirrhosis;
  7. garlic .A couple of cloves of garlic a day can activate the enzymes of the liver and help the body get rid of heavy toxins, poisons, toxins and other troubles.This vegetable contains allicin and selenium, natural compounds, which contribute to filtering gland;
  8. orange, lemon, lime. Citrus products are very useful in the human liver, they contain a lot of Vitamin C, which promotes the synthesis of a complex of toxic materials into substances which can dissolve water.Drunk morning fasting lemon juice will help to stimulate the liver for the day and cheer up better than coffee or black tea.

Meat and fish products

  • turkey.This bird - an absolute leader on the content of selenium and sodium.Due to this meat helps the body with a higher efficiency to process carbohydrates into energy, not fats;
  • chicken.Fat meat is the main forbidden foods for liver diseases, and help here can only skim the bird's breast, in particular chicken;
  • veal, here you can carry and piglets.It is important to check that the meat was skimmed.For cooking it is desirable to cook for several hours;
  • lean fish in the main river.As is known, the fish - it is a storehouse of useful substances for the organism: vitamins, minerals.Phosphorus enhances workflows, and vitamin B12 helps restore cells.


Green tea Photo - Green tea
  • green tea.It contains a lot of antioxidants, which help the liver to filter blood;
  • fruit compotes.Saturate the body with vitamins;
  • for normal liver function is necessary every day to drink milk products, it is kefir, fermented baked milk or yogurt;
  • when hematite C is also necessary to drink a day from 3 to 5 glasses of mineral water with healing salts, such as "Borjomi".

Other products

  • flax seeds.Flaxseed normalizes the metabolism;
  • dried fruits.Dried apricots and prunes deduce toxins, have a laxative effect;
  • edible oils.It is almost the most useful products for the liver.It is recommended that every day to eat salads, dressed with olive oil, flax and mustard, it will help improve the work of the kidneys, cleanse the blood of cholesterol plaques;
  • turmeric.Indian spice perfectly stimulates the body and reduces the cholesterol in the blood;
  • Walnuts.Due to the large number of amino acids such as arginine, walnuts particularly useful for liver child.They also comprise glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, which support the cleaning functions of the body.

    Dried fruits Photo - Dried figs

  • .This is one of the few sweets, which allowed people after cancer.The figs contain a lot of glucose, which stimulates the brain, and potassium, which helps the filter body recover from stress foods: alcohol, nicotine, coffee;
  • ginger.The root of this plant is not only helps lose weight but also suppress the growth of cancer cells in the liver, kidney and pancreas;
  • whole grain products, such as millet, rice (especially brown color), and buckwheat, rich in vitamins B, which enhance metabolism and contribute unloading cancer.