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  • Types of eye drops from redness
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  • red eyes and fatigue
  • antibacterial eye drops

Types of eye drops from redness

  • vitamin solutions (they are indicated for the prevention of various diseases or after work);
  • antibiotic drops (these drugs are used to treat diseases that caused the red eyes: conjunctivitis, barley, or just mechanical damage);
  • drugs constricts blood vessels of the eyes (the most popular is a drop from the redness Vizin, Vial, Optiv, opinions about them are encouraged);
  • drops from the tired eyes (they moisturize the eye whites, because of what passes redness, appointed, if a person spends much time at the computer screen in the dark places, and in the production of metallurgy, welding);
  • preparations for lenses (they irritate after they turn red or watery eyes);
  • liquid to restore the eye after a blow or mechanical injury (Taurine, for example) that help from the swelling of the eyelid skin and hematomas;
  • solutions from aller
    gies (contraindicated during pregnancy) - is Betadrin.

red eyes and fatigue

Red eyes
  • flush eyes with a decoction of chamomile or thyme - it will remove the itch;
  • best drops for eye fatigue and redness - a Vizin, Croma or LIKONT, drip a few drops of them;
  • buy drops "natural tear" - is a synthetic analog of the human derived;
  • against inflammation excellent and very quick to help blue drops Inox (they give a bluish hue to a protein that neutralizes redness from dilated blood vessels);
  • can apply Oftagel, spread his eyelids and mucous ugolog eyes.
  • due to vitamin A, improves vision in the dark;
  • carotene helps if you do not strengthen the vision, then slow his fall;
  • not allergic to them.Vitamins contained in these solutions, not only to receive special treatment, but added in very small doses;
  • if vision decreases during pregnancy - try to use Viziomaks, Okumetil and optometrist.

antibacterial eye drops

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