Delayed menstruation: Causes


  • reasons for the delay menstruation than pregnancy
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reasons for the delay menstruation than pregnancy

  • disease;
  • the impact of negative factors;
  • injury.
  1. very tricky behave fungal diseases.Up to a certain point at a candidiasis, we do not even suspect that sick, but when symptoms are already apparent need to immediately sound the alarm.We feel itching, odor, pain, burning, increased basal temperature.I must say that the thrush, persistent candida and their effects are often a reason for the delay.
  2. Uterine cancer and may also bring down the menstrual cycle due to the sharp growth of the tumor.For example, you can live for many years with little oncology, but after a certain life situations (illness, extreme stress) it will begin to develop, because of what will stop menstruating.
  3. Cystitis - this is a very unpleasant disease, which affects virtually all ages and living orga
    nisms.His reasons may be: hypothermia, infection - known reasons for the delay menstruation in women for a week or even a month.Its effects: erosion, endometriosis, complications in future pregnancies.Here it is necessary to act immediately to avoid infecting partner.
  4. Endocrine diseases and significantly interfere with fertility - is diabetes, lack of iodine and so on.
  5. There certainly professional intervention, asthe effects of a more serious, ranging from chronic inflammation of the uterus and fallopian tubes, and ending with cancer and infertility.
  1. fire equipment - used after unprotected intercourse, contain just the lion's share of hormones that contribute to the rejection of the egg, then pregnancy is impossible in principle.They can not drink more than 4 tablets per year, but in fact it is better not to drink at all. What threatens us is ?A complete cessation of the cycle (especially in adolescence or "close" of menopause), a two-month delay, irregular periods;
  2. hormonal contraceptives (Duphaston, Jeanine).There are several types.On this occasion, you will consult any gynecologist, but they also need to know how to drink.For example, you can not at the same time taking pills and drinking alcohol, smoking, or even more, indulge in drugs. Than it threatens ?Crashing the endocrine system, the body is no longer just in time to understand why we need the critical days, if they kept dropping off, and begins to stop this process on their own;
  3. chemical - tampons, ointments, creams.Again, the question about the flora has not yet come up with clever contraceptives that would recognize the sperm, female and male organisms.As a consequence, inflammation of the fallopian passages, inflammation of the tissues of the uterus, erosion - which according to statistics is the main cause of delays in the monthly 20% of cases;
  4. physical: it spirals implanted in the body of the special containers and other hormones.There must be not only very carefully selected contraceptives, but watch out for them.Spirals - expensive and require regular maintenance and control, injure the uterus and grow into it than not simply churning cycle and contribute to infertility.

What causes psychological delay monthly

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Other reasons for the delay

  1. now become quite a popular movement girls seeking to lose weight fast and a lot.The problem is that under heavy dieting , particularly in girls and 16, faults begin in any case until complete termination of the cycle.
  2. But just a very rigid diet will be motivated disruption of menstruation.The body on the day should receive a certain amount of calories.During fasting, drinking a diet or popular right now ABC, we are always in a state of half-starved.The body does not have enough resources for the maintenance of the required functions, not to mention the menstrual cycle.
  3. Professional athletes (especially the security forces and fighters) do not know what a constant cycle, so if you have moved to the big sports, do not be surprised delays and failures of the cycle.In general, athletes are fairly common problem with women's bodies: PMS, pain in the lower abdomen, a lot of heavy discharge.
  4. Of these, the most harmless base delay - it pregnancy, childbirth and lactation .Here everything is very individual.When pregnancy begins the process of prolactin and estrogen, which will be very useful after pregnancy, it blocks testosterone and then monthly stop for a while.But if pregnancy is clear, the period of absence of menstruation during lactation at all different, and some not at all.
  5. accepted that month immediately after cesarean section - this is normal.Like, do not breast-feed, prolactin stops, but it only works if the view is being completely artificial feeding.

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  6. When natural childbirth menstruation can not attack for many months, or even years, especially if the breast-feeding actively.In general, it is difficult to speculate about the reasons for the delay menstruation after giving birth, it's quite individually.But gynecologists advise to focus on the development of the fetus before the cycle, ie,before conception.
  7. reason for the long delay may become even season .For example, there are cases where girls were not going monthly in the summer - the body as it helped them to organize the rest, by the way, women living together for a period of time delay monthly, whatever the reason may be common, it says each forum.On a personal experience I can say that once the spring has been delayed for a month because of the girl-neighbor in the dorm room, too, was a problem, but because of her physical condition, and I have due to the fact that the body is a setup.