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Medications Every woman dreams of a flawless skin.However, none of us are immune to the occurrence of acne, inflammation and black spots on the skin, especially on the back and face.These blemishes spoil our appeal and significantly reduce self-esteem.For the treatment of the skin, improving its status and getting rid of acne, you can resort to such a time-tested means of acne as a talker.
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Tips for using mash

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Recipes mash

  • chloramphenicol (5 grams)
  • streptocid (or metronidazole) (5 grams),
  • boric acid (50 ml),
  • dioxidine 1% (10 ml),
  • salicylic acid (50 ml).
  • chloramphenicol (2 parts),
  • boric acid (1 part),
  • aspirin (2.5 parts),
  • sulfur (2.5 parts),
  • rubbing alcohol.
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