Spider veins on the face: treatment


  • main causes of
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main causes of

Spider veins on the face notyou need to dig in yourself in order to understand that life is not so, and why there angioma, stars and cobwebs.In most cases, this phenomenon is transmitted genetically, iethe next of kin had expanded vessels than rewarded and their descendants.But many of the reasons could be the impetus to facial spider veins were: pregnancy, bad habits, love of sauna or solarium.Traditional methods of treatment


  • consume nutrients (eg vitamins for hair and skin group P);
  • frequent exposure to the open air (so you can prevent the development of rosacea);
  • improving immunity, you can with the help of vitamin teas and infusions can be achieved through hardening of the body.
Spider veins In addition, you must also do special facials .It is worth remembering that the spider veins on the face makeup a
nd you can not use traditional methods that contain alcohol.This may aggravate the situation.We offer proven over the years beauty recipes that will help solve the problem of telangiectasia.
  • birch leaves;
  • herb chamomile, sage, plantain;
  • little hops;
  • Spanish moss.


  1. Removal of vessels on the face and body;

    Treatment of spider veins Photo: the treatment of spider veins

  2. Laser skin resurfacing;
  3. ozone therapy;
  4. Fotoshlifovka skin.
City cost of photo (laser) grinding vascular few words
Moscow From 30 000 rub.(if not all of the person, but only the problem areas) calculation is most often done by square centimeter, ie,Price is determined by a specialist, we have given average.
Rostov Between 20 000 rub.(zone therapy, this explains the difference between the price of the total grinding) Rostov sufficient number of clinics and salons, practicing this technique.
Vladivostok From 25 000 rub. Hospitals in Vladivostok offer a free consultation.
Yaroslavl Between 20 000 rub. Yaroslavl discount prices.
Ussuriisk Between 20 000 rub. Dermabrasion Ussuriisk relatively affordable.
Samara Between 20 000 rub. In Samara, often take a fee for the initial consultation dermatologist and surgeon.
Stavropol Between 20 000 rub. Not many clinics as we would like.
Izhevsk Between 20 000 rub. quite cheap.
Kemerovo Between 20 000 rub. can say that is available.
Kirov Between 20 000 rub. free medical consultation.
Voronezh From 25 000 rub. Many salons to choose from.
Kazan Between 20 000 rub. Plastics in Kazan will be cheaper than the one specified is the average price.
Kharkiv Between 20 000 rub. this Ukrainian city is known worldwide for its plastic surgery clinics.

How to protect yourself from the effects of

  1. Before you remove spider veins on the body and face, prepare the skin: in the next 48 hours, do not use cosmetics and fatty masks;
  2. before and after the procedure, do not sunbathe or in the open sun or in the solarium;
  3. possible consequences if laser resurfacing took place at the time of recovery after a chemical peel, it is a flagrant violation of the recovery period of the dermis;
  4. strictly forbidden alcohol in any amount in the last week, it may cause poor performance of the procedure.
  1. during pregnancy;
  2. during menstruation;
  3. is not recommended to do such operations unnecessarily on the skin of the child;
  4. during exacerbation of the disease (psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, etc.);
  5. When sensitive skin.
Vascular asterisks before and after Photo - Vascular asterisks before and after